Meet Results Week of September 9




Perham boys win Lucky Lindy in Little Falls with 57 points to 107 points for Bemidji. Keeghan Hurley first in 15.36 just 2 seconds off course record. Hopkins finished behind Bemidji.


Perham and Hopkins were both at the Little Falls Lucky Lindy today, can’t find results up yet…


Perham boys win! @perhamcc: @keeghan_3_6 misses course record by 2 sec!!! 1536 @bill_cb_hole 1610, @deafxc 1624, @bensullivan659 1654, @chris_smiles_ 1719 #twitterlesskanyon 1735, @jacobdickerson1 1755


Results up anywhere yet?
Not a good sign for Hopkins…even with Klecker thrown into the mix, they don’t look like such strong contenders for 6AA anymore


Varsity Boys


JV race from Private School Champs - JV runner goes sub 16…


Given previous results – I think there might be a reason that he is running JV that is not related to performance on the cross country course.

ETA – they only ran 4 in the varsity race?


Perham is the #2 team in the whole state right now.

Hutchinson, Lucky Lindy, and Rum River are on raceberry.


Rum River

  1. Armstrong
  2. Mounds View
  3. Totinograce
  4. Burnisville

McDermott 15:45
Louiselle 16:00
Hessini 16:19
Sokolowski 16:34
Ahmed 16:35
Williams 16:37
Dado 16:37




Great run for Keeghan and the rest of the Perham squad. I was a little worried about them after their first meet, but they are looking strong and in great shape. Easily the best class A team, maybe a bit early to declare them outright number 2


They are at worst 3rd.


Can you post the link to the Hutch Invite? For some reason I can’t see those three races on Raceberry…


I can’t see them on one of my computers either… Strange.


Thanks, for whatever reason raceberry is updated when i check on 4G on my phone but not on my computor… strange. Looks like MV didn’t race 3 of their top 7 guys one of which was Hoff (who runs with Hessini most races). Also MV JV guy appears to have won the race in a 17:06… not sure why he didn’t race varsity. Looks like McDermott likely ran the majority of the race alone, given that time I think he is certainly top 5 in the state. Anyone know what’s up with the burnsville guys??


They didn’t run all summer. That’s why they haven’t run until today.

My top 5 for right now (no order):
and… Lawton???

I expect Duerr and Klecker to challenge for top 5 when they get healthy. I really have no idea who might be in 5th instead of Lawton. Pretty confident in the other 4.


We should get another poll going on here, it’s been a while. Again, I’m willing to compile them if you’re still busy, crosshare.


We will go back to the regular schedule this next week after Saturday’s results come in.

I will post this again and in a more visible place but they will be due by about 7 am on Monday morning and I will compile them at work. Requirements:

  1. Don’t rank somebody without knowing what they did (or didn’t do) since the last polls
  2. Make sure you have people in the right class
  3. It is top-15. Not 10 or 12 or how ever many you can name without looking at results.


That’s true about Burnsville. Although I believe Coach Webber changed the teams training up, or it at least was that way for track. It also may have been a workout for Faysal. Their younger guys have stepped it up a lot from last year.