Media Bias?


Here’s an article about how CBS reporters were caught plotting ways to bring down Republican/Tea Party candidate Joe Miller in Alaska.

Is this media bias? I think it’s actually much worse. Add this to the Journolist scandal and it’s pretty clear that news rooms around the country spend a lot of time actively seeking to destroy Republicans.

EDIT: Check out CNN, right now, today. There’s nothing on this scandal at all. Hmmmm.


And if it was the opposite, think Fox News would be covering it.

There is a Media Bias, but it is not entirely based on Left vs. Right or R vs. D. The Media is biased towards sensationalism. Our media, now that it is 24 hours, has WAY too much time to fill, and because of this, they have to sensationalize almost every story, and sometimes make a story where one does not exist. The Media is also bias AGAINST those in power. Media has been harsh on Obama and the Democrats, they were harsh against Bush, and they were harsh against Clinton. The media knows that no one wants to watch a show where they talk about how great the current administration is doing. Conversely, they know that a show attacking those in power, often attacking personally or nonsensically, will bring in more views.

Hence why Fox News is so popular.

We have a conflict-based media.


Watch Fox News much?


Really. Care to give an example where the MSM has been harsh on Obama and the Democrats?

Obama in particular has been given a free pass by the MSM, more than any politician I have ever seen. If they want conflict, then why didn’t the MSM report the New Black Panther voter intimidation scandal, along with the Obama administration’s racially motivated refusal to prosecute the case?

They would have gotten a LOT of conflict out of that. They could have brought down someone in power if they wanted, maybe even the President himself. But it would have hurt their guy, so they walked away from it.

They are not just biased referees. They are active players on team Democrat.


So I guess Fox News doesn’t count as Mainstream anymore?

Perhaps the Black Panther thing was given a pass because its not news. There are plenty of Conservative groups, actually more of them, that do the same thing. I don’t see MSNBC focusing on them, or anyone else doing it either. Perhaps because its not a real issue. Another reason is there is little to no facts in this case. You want the Justice Department to prosecute the case when even career workers there say its a case with little to no evidence and one they would probably lose? So much for Fiscal Conservatism.

Obama given a passs more than ANY politician? No, that goes to Newt Gingrich, who was having an affair during the Clinton Impeachment, and the media refused to report on it for fear it would look they were attacking the Republican Speaker to help the President.

I can tell you probably don’t watch much Mainstream News, or you wouldn’t have made the claim. As a frequent viewer of MSNBC, I’ve seen Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and Keith Olbermann all take frequent shots at the President, especially Rachel Maddow (who is gay) for not taking a harder stance on Gay Rights Issues. I’ve seen Olbermann do special comments against Obama about how he isn’t working hard enough of Health Care and is giving in too much to the Republicans. I’ve seen Matthews suggest that Obama is weak because he can’t slam things through like the Republicans often do.

During the Shirley Sherrod episode, EVERY SINGLE MAINSTREAM NEWS STATION AND SHOW slammed Obama for his handling of the matter.

During the final stages of the campaign, EVERY SINGLE MAINSTREAM NEWS STATION AND SHOW talked about Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

When you’ve got an ENTIRE “News” station who’s only reason for existance is to attack Liberals, you can’t say the Mainstream News has given Obama a Pass.

Fox News has called Obama a Marxist, Socialist, Racist, stated he has a “deep seeded hatred of Black People”, have claimed that he’s Anti-American, Anti-Israel, Pro-Muslim, IS A MUSLIM, and not an American.

If the #1 rated news station isn’t considered part of the “Mainstream Media,” then WHAT IS?

BTW, CNN is the only real News Station we have, because they have mostly non-commentators and more journalists. You’d be hard-pressed to be able to accurately pin down the beliefs of someone like Wolf Blitzer, but you can easily tell the beliefs of Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann.

Please, for the love of God, stop taking Talking Points from Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and form an original thought. Yes, I know, it can be taxing and difficult, but you’ll see the light, and you might actually see that the whole Media World isn’t out to get you, especially once you realize that the #1 rated News Station is doing a lot of the hits for you.


It always frustrates me when people on the Right complain about media bias. You have the #1 rated News Station doing your hits for you, it’s not like you only have a newspaper is Maine and a news station in Seattle. You have a highly rated News Station seen around the world fighting your fights for you, not to mention Conservative Editorial Pages like the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal, stop the bitching.

I wonder why the Right Wing News didn’t make a big news story about News Corp, which owns Fox News, giving $1 million dollars to the Republican Party and not doing the same to the Democrats. Could it be they have bias? NO WAY, THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE.

Or maybe the financier of the “Ground Zero Mosque” being the #2 shareholder after Rupert Murdoch of News Corp, which owns Fox News. NO WAY, NOT POSSIBLE.

If you’re going to complain about everyone else being biased against you, maybe you want to check your own backyard as well. I’ll be the first to admit that MSNBC is biased, perhaps you should be willing to take off the tin foil hat and do the same.


Huh? There are lots of conservative groups standing at poling stations with clubs threatening people?

Evidence please.

Are you aware that Micheal Moore took a film crew to Florida in 2004 in an attempt to film the rampant voter intimidation that was keeping all the minorities from voting? He was going to make one of his trademark hit pieces on the whole topic. The film never got made because he found no intimidation at all.


Finally! I finally got someone to admit there is leftward bias in the news.

That didn’t hurt much, did it?

I never thought it would happen. This is going to be a really good couple of days for making history.


Ever heard of the King Street Patriots?

Billy Clubs, no. But people complaining that they were intimidated? Yes. How many people complained that they were intimidated by the Blank Panther people? 0

Glad to see it appears you’ve completely ignored the rest of my argument.

I can only hope you are currently typing out a response, or you simply have none because you have nothing to refute.

I notice you didn’t admit that Fox News is biased. I guess that means I’m a better man that you.


LOL. Read that all the way to the end. It was the voters who were intimidating the poll watchers! That’s the best you got?

The rest of your post wasn’t worth a response. I admit that Fox has conservative political cheerleaders. Do you have any evidence that they are plotting ways to sabotage a Democrats campaign through dirty tricks. No you don’t. So it isn’t the same as this CBS disaster.

I got you to admit your side is biased. That’s good enough for me.


So standing right behind people and hovering over them while they vote isn’t intimidation? Gimmie a break. If a liberal group did this you’d go crazy. If ACORN stood behind people when they voted, you’d blow your lid. What a joke.


Fox News has consistently taken comments out of context and tried to turn them into a News Story.

A recent one was when, in a speech, Obama said (and I’m not directly quoting but going from memory) that “Taxes are scheduled to go up next year. This is by design.” Now that quote seems pretty bad, especially when Sean Hannity does a 10 minute segment on it. but what was the full quote? “Thanks to the last administration, taxes are scheduled to go up next year. This is by design.”

If you call that “cheerleading” and not bias, you’re a joke, and not worth my time, or frankly anyone elses.

And if you want to talk about “dirty tricks” trying to derail a candidate, go no farther than the birthers Fox News puts on TV to spout their racist hateout how Obama isn’t an American. If that’s not dirty tricks, you again are a joke not worth anyones time.

Honestly, I’m not even sure why i’m wasting my time with this post. You asked for examples of the media going affter Obama, and I give them to you, and you ignore them. So why bother.


I consider myself a moderate conservative, and I’ll be the first to say that FOX is far more biased than any other station out there. There are more mainstream left biased stations, but the bias of FOX is by far the most extreme. Give it up Disco, you’re fighting a losing battle by bringing up media bias. It can be argued either way. People watch the channel that airs the stories they like to hear. That’s why you watch nothing but FOX.


Wow you really are an infant aren’t you. So go ahead, clap your hands and pretend you won something. MSNBC doesn’t try to hide its bias, it vehemently agrees with the left and reports as such. Of course it’s bias. But at least is presents its arguments as to why it feels that way, instead of just making rash claims and pandering to fear

Voter intimidation is not new, but it is 90% of the time done by the right. That is a fact. Voter suppression tactics at college campuses trying to stop students from voting at their college (e.g Virginia Tech/Drexel '08).

Or Sharon Maroney. Huge ‘birther’ and is choosing who is ‘poll watching’ in Illinois (because they have no corruption in Illinois, right?). Any questions asked to her are referred to the GOP representative there. Sounds fair, right?

Or the GOP rep running for senate there, who says he wants to send people to watch the polls in highly urban areas where “the other side might be temped to ‘jigger’ the numbers somewhat” DESPITE NEVER HAVING AN ACCUSATION OF PROBLEMS in those areas.

Houston has already had problems in minority neighborhoods, and have had several calls about people intimidating them.

Unfortunately, not new.


We recently tried (and succeeded) to get a polling booth on our college campus of 10,000+, and were fought by Conservatives every step of the way. They didn’t care that the current location of the polling booth violated state law, they just wanted less college students voting.


I feel like most news stations titer on the center but MSNBC and FOX. I also feel as though most of America is more conservative than they say, like being center in America is being a moderate conservative but that is because we have been a conservative nation since LBJ

Edit: I get my news from NYTimes, Washington Post, Daily Kos, and more and more the Huffington post. Obviously I am liberal but the NYTimes and the post are pretty fair to both sides


Please provide evidence that 90% of voter intimidation is from conservatives. YOU HAVE NONE! “Hovering”?.. give me a break.

With regard to accusations of problems in “urban areas”, in the last election one of the guys I know was a poll watcher in Gary Indiana. The democrats running the polling place would stand next to the voters and tell them who to vote for and would make sure they didn’t make any mistakes. My friend called election officials, and when they came the Democrats behaved. When they left, the Democrats started helping voters again. This is the truth of what goes on where Democrats are in charge.

The bottom line is, the MSM media won’t report voter intimidation by Democrats but will make an international scandal out of any attempt by Republicans to intimidate voters.

What’s my evidence? If a conservative poll watcher even tries to watch the voters closely they will be accused of voter intimidation and it will become a national story. Conservatives/Republicans could never get away with it.

Democrat supporters could show up to polling places with weapons, wearing paramilitary garb, while threatening people… and it would be swept under the rug. Democrats always get away with it.


You guys are believing your own side’s propaganda.


And FOX won’t report anything negative about a Republican candidate or party scandal. Get over it. Everytime you bring it up, you make yourself out as a hypocrite, just like those new stations. “Fair and balanced”??? HAHAHAHA. You’d call them out if MSNBC every tried to describe themselves as fair and balanced.



How many Republican candidates for significant office has the NY Times endorsed in the past two decades? The number probably rivals the number of Democrats that Fox has endorsed.


We’re not talking about MSNBC. We’re talking about CBS, and they claim to be unbiased.

Again, this is beyond bias. It’s actively plotting to sabotage a conservative candidate’s campaign by people who claim to be unattached to either party. Clearly they are not what they claim to be.

Fox definitely has a bunch of conservative cheerleaders. They are very open about that.

Do you have an example of a Republican scandal that Fox News failed to cover? I really can’t think of one.


Here’s a good outline of FOX specifically ignoring the sex scandals of Republicans while targeting Democrats.

The argument here isn’t about a specific channel. The argument is you only bringing up bias by left of center media, when in all reality, both sides have biased stations working in their favor. You just refuse to admit anything except what you want to believe. I bet you haven’t watched any other networks or looked for news in any of the left of center biased sources. If you really want to see both sides, you have to view from both sides. You are allowing FOX to brainwash you and your beliefs. Whether you see it or not, you are as extreme in your bias to the right as those liberal media outlets you keep pinpointing are to the left. You lack the maturity(age =/= mature) to see things from more than your pinhole view. Your approach to the matters at hand further push moderates to the left with your banter and attacks. You fail to address issues without attacking media outlets, and you only address those extremely polarizing issues. I’m sure it works fine country club with fellow conservatives, but when addressing a diverse community, you have to adjust your demeanor in order to actually be heard.