Measuring 2011 World Championship success


I think we should measure our success in Korea by how many finalists we have.
If we stick to medals won as a measure we’ll have little to talkabout.

Not so much that we are sending a weak team but more about who is injured or underperformed at Nats.

Save for the hurdlers our sprint team is pretty ragged. We have a team of middistance guys still looking for World Q Times and our distance team does not have any African nation quaking from fear.
Hurdlers shotputters and a few might catch a bronze types scattered about is what this new fan sees.

Will the USA take home 10 medals?. Will we get 4 golds?

mcgato a poster on various boards put this up on T&FNews Board
He lists A and B and who has what.
Thanks for the work.!

…cue the never ending question

will we get the sticvk around?


“Will the 4x100m relay get the stick around the track without dropping it or a DQ?”


“Are we seeing a passing of the torch?”

Look at how many collegiate athletes not only made the team, but WON their events. It’s quite a list. As some of our star athletes get older (and some,like Adam Nelson, defy the aging process entirely) it looks like our next crop of studs is ready to make their mark on the international stage.


I am honestly so pumped to watch Centro in that 1500.

But, I think making finals is like meeting a B-standard time, it’s cool and means something but everyone wants the A-standard. Plus, each event is different as far as the expectations are concerned.


Did you take secoind in the Let’s Run contest?
I saw your name on the leaderboard but not on the tracktalker group.
Anyway congratulations if it is you !!


Americans should dominate world medals: coach

By Gene Cherry Gene Cherry – Mon Jun 27, 8:49 am ET
EUGENE, Oregon (Reuters) – A balanced U.S. team bursting with talent should dominate the medals at this year’s athletics world championships, its men’s coach said after the American trials concluded on Sunday.
Although such big names as 2011 world leaders Tyson Gay and Brad Walker failed to make it through the cut-throat trials, Vin Lananna said he believed the United States would top the medals table at the August 27-September 4 championships in Daegu, South Korea.
“We have the number one team in the world, and I think we are in a position this year to keep that string alive,” Lananna told Reuters.
"We have a good combination, a good balance of veterans and youth.
More in link


I think we should measure the success like always; by the medal count. If we barely get any, it was a bad year. Lowering out standards for what is considered a “success” doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t matter how much of an outside shot it is, every athlete we are sending has the goal of getting a medal.


Yeah, I was leading Sunday morning then got beat at the line! Happy/bummed about it.


T&FN form charts suggest 24 medals
Gold 10 ** 6 men 4 women
Silver 9 ** 6-3
Bronze 5 ** 2-3


Tony McQuay 400m champ? Could easily replace with Merritt (but we don’t know how fit he is). IMO Chris Brown (Bahamas) gets up there FTW. Lord knows he’s been there…forever.

Dix 2nd in the 100m & 200m? Going to have to beat some TOUGH Jamaicans to get those spots.

Also, how do you pronounce this name: Adam Kszczot (800m guy, Poland)


Can’t believe I even looked for this.


Adam Ksssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhtok



Why don’t the Olympics/WCs promote the team battle more? You go as a team (nation) but you don’t compete that way. Why?

There should be more of this: