Me or tri track


I want to see how good the character of the average person here is.


I think it’s preposterous to judge the content of a person’s character based on their internet personality.


what’s in this for me?


tri.track because he isn’t a racist.


tri.track because he doesn’t (to my knowledge) drive drunk.


FC. I don’t think I could be friends with someone who gets married super young for probably 25 different reasons.


You couldn’t be friends with someone who gets married super young? Pretty close-minded statement right there.


Don’t know enough about tri track to make a call. FC knows a lot about sports and likes beer. Can’t make a call on this one.


Which justifies his choice. As we all know FC is opinionated.


FC and I are very similar.


FC this weighs heavily on my decision. How often do you play stump and if so what is your hammer accuracy, approximately


What thread is the FC, tri.track beef in?


The celebrating death thread. FC got all christian hardcore religious and tri tralk didn’t like it one bit.

That’s the only thing i’ve seen so far.


Thanks. Basically stopped reading that thread.

I like FC, but unless he suddenly became a born again Christian his persona the last 10 years would say he is trolling.


Apparently he suppresses it because he knows it doesn’t get taken well here.

He has a couple views that are really contradictory like his drunk driving but for the most part I think he tries to be a good person.


Makes sense.

They should probably just fight to the death. Solves everything.

Dibs on Tri’s wife if he loses. Dibs on FCs liver if he loses.


I’d rather take Tri’s wife’s land.


FC has always been religious. You guys need to pay more attention to the man, the myth, the legend!


Isn’t FC’s sister known for her poor choice in men? Just think what she would do to be 100% 4gotN.:cool:


seeing as I’ve never even seen a picture of FC, I’m going to go out on a limb and say there’s likely no chance he’d show me a picture of her. But since it’d be a shame for me to not ask… pics of said sister???

i mean, i didn’t show anyone those newd of your gf you sent me :wink: but seriously. i didn’t show a soul