McGorty 8:46.07


McGorty runs 8:46.07 at Lake Braddock Hall of Fame Invitational negative splitting his 3200m race 4:25-4:21

2:12.2 (66.8)
3:19.0 (66.8)
4:25.4 (66.4)
5:31.5 (66.1)
6:39.0 (67.5)
7:45.6 (66.6)
8:46.07 (60.47)


Source: Sean McGorty 8:46.07 3200 at Lake Braddock! (Watch Race Video)


Superbly-paced effort. Wow.


An 8:49.2 converted to two mile mark, very impressive solo run

Would love to see him ,Saarell, Ches, Montoya all in same race with maybe even a lightening quick and dangerous Arroyo

The next time they all meet though might be Dream Mile with Ben Malone and Burcham as well?


The dream mile is on May 25th this year, wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few of the athletes will not be able to attend due to various state series commitments.


Nooooo, but they must be there I have tickets


Awesome run!


Northeastern runners had to deal with that issue with the previous dates of the meet, there shouldn’t be as much conflict getting to the meet on this date as there was in previous years.


??? New Jersey is in the northeast right? This date conflicts with the NJ Sectionals. There was never a problem in the past with the later date but of course the IAAF doesn’t care about the high school Dream Mile.


Just finally watched the video. Looks like he’s got a decent amount left in him. Can’t wait to see him with competition near the end of the season.


We shall see at Penn when he goes toe to toe with Ben Malone in the mile

Malone last years NBIN 800 winner at 149.xx and a 4:07 type twice


I know there was a problem with NY (the home of the Adidas Grand Prix), and there were possibly other states with conflicts as well.


New York was the main one. I think the New Englands might have been a conflict too but that’s not a state meet.


Aren’t New Englands bigger than states anyway? Besides, NY plus New England makes up most of the Northeast.


New England’s is smaller than the NY state meet, in terms of the # of schools / students eligible to participate. NY has something like 620 school districts, one of which is NYC.


I believe it conflicts with NY Sectionals as well… but sectionals is not a necessary meet to run to make the state meet, so it’s not as big of an issue as it was last year. To say “there never was a problem in the past” is very subjective… and ignoring the fact that the host state doesn’t get the opportunity to send any of their runners to the meet.


I mean a bigger deal than state championships for the states that participate in New Englands. E.g. New Englands>Connecticut State Championships


Not really. No one has to go to the New Englands as I understand it. Maybe I’m wrong but its more like the NY Feds than it is like a state meet.


So is winning New Englands a bigger accomplishment than winning a state championship in say Maine?


Probably best to ask someone from Maine. I would think that for most people winning your own state championship is of paramount importance.


McGorty just wired the Mile at Penn Relays in 4:04.x. Splits 58-high, 2:01.x, 3:04.x… had enough juice left to hold off Malone over the final 150. Very impressive.