Maybe Solinsky Won't End Up With the World Leader, After All


Josephat Menjo, who ran a solo (all the way - no rabbits whatsoever, 2nd place 45-odd seconds back) 12:55 a few weeks ago, is shooting for 26:40 this Sunday.


Something is fishy!

Why would someone choose to run 25 laps solo at a B level meet for a couple hundred bucks as opposed to running a 3k or 5k against competition for a potential payout of several thousand bucks.

…think about this


Sub 13 solo is one thing, a 26:40 is another. I’d be very impressed if he did that but I don’t see it happening.


Two stats:
-He ran 3:53.62 last weekend as a PB.
-He was 7th at 2007 WC for 10k.

Not an elite miler.
5K time is not truly elite yet.
10K mediocre.

Going for the 12th fastest performence of all time…Not happening.


He ran 12:55 solo. Granted this guy might be a great time trialer, but he ran Solinsky’s PR by himself with no help. 26:40 does seem a bit much, but he ran a 27:04 road 10K this season and I doubt he had a ton of help in that race either. I’m not too shocked by anything I see out of this guy and I’d be more surprised if he runs slower than 27:00 than faster than it given how well he is running sans competition at the moment.


Nothing to think about. He has a legitimate shot at running the world-leading time. His shoe contract probably provided a bonus for a world-leading time.

Of course he would do this instead running another 3 or 5.


12:55 is a “truly elite” mark, no matter how it was done (it is the 10th best time in the world this year, after all). The fact that it was done with no rabbits makes it even more impressive.


waited for this. Solinsky is overrated!


Yea, I’m not debating it was good or not, but still its 10th. I was just approaching it from the the perspective of 9 guys have ran faster (12 performances)

I’m splitting hairs a bit with what I consider truly elite at that, i’ll admit. I’m just wary of his unproven recent history in competitions, and not just a time trial…
I just guess for every Silas Kiplagat (new face who suceeds), theres a Joseph Ebuya (WXC champ…only 13:11.09 to his name this year)


To better themselves? To get more invites to more lucrative meets? To, as someone mentioned earlier, get a contract bonus?

Fishy? What am I thinking about?


Any evidence to support such a claim…?..because 3 sub 13s and a WL sub 27 THIS YEAR ALONE! say differently.


maybe for US distance running this means something, but not on a world level… people keep jumping back to the WL mark he has but i haven’t seen any other big time 10k races this year so that means sh*t… solinsky is DAMN GOOD, but he’s not a contender with the top africans just yet, and may never be


or maybe he was trolling


qfe. He ABSOLUTELY is a contender. No question. Legitimate medal threat. Way slower people have won hardware at world / olympic championships.


I think you guys are considering different questions. Can he run with Bekele in a 10,000? Wouldn’t think so, but that doesn’t preclude him from being a medal contender. Only two guys could run with the great KB last year in Berlin (Masai and Tadesse), and Masai had some trouble holding on in the late-going. Tadesse and Bekele might be in a class of their own, but could Solinsky be in the mix for a bronze? I don’t see why not.


Letsrun thread reports 26:56. No results to confirm it though.


heyzeus christos


Does this man think he’ll be shanked if there are other people in the race or something?


he doesnt want to lose to anyone