Maxcats 3's or Nike Zoom Ja


Im stuck between these two shoes and i just want to know which one is better. I mostly runn the 400m but i will run 200s too and maybe 100s. And i already have maxcats but there too small so should i just go with the JA’s ? i promise its my last thread haha


There is a thread for what spikes to use but if you made this so it got more attention okay, but just a tip to avoid unnecessary threads. It really just depends on your preference in spikes. The JA is personally one of my favorite spikes but I run the 100 the 200 and sometimes the 400 so I’m the opposite of you. The JA is more aggressive so it will keep you on your toes better than the Maxcat 3 and is aimed at events 400 meters and under like you run. I’ve never used the Maxcat 3 but I’ve heard it is way less aggressive than the JA so the plate bends more. I’ve heard of people even running the 800 in the Maxcat 3 so it allows for more mid-foot contact. Both shoes are technically sprint spikes so it boils down to what you want. You say you have already used the Maxcat before, so I’m guessing the 2, so the only thing that changed between the 2 and the 3 is the upper so you already know what the Maxcat 3 would feel like. If you like how it feels when you run in your Maxcat 2’s then get the 3 or another pair of 2’s since I know there are some floating around on the internet. If you want a shoes that is going to put you on your toes more then get the JA.


Next time just post here instead of making a new thread to keep it more organized:

Now to your question. It depends on what type of runner you are that will determine what shoe is “better” for you. Based on the 3 shoes you were suggesting (you had mentioned the R3 in your other thread) I will go into my opinions.

Maxcat 3 - This spike was essentially made for the 400; it’s predecessors design was modeled after the “gold shoe” (JSC) that Michael Johnson used to set world records in the 200 and 400. It is Nike’s lightest sprint spike and also it’s most flexible and least aggressive, utilizing the 3 prong horseshoe plate with 5 spike receptacles. Some runners even use it for the 800. This spike is for the runner who is trained enough to run on their toes without needing the aid of their spikes. Essentially, minimalism is in mind: make a shoe that’s light and flexible, but still stiff enough for a sprinter. The only thing is it really doesn’t provide the lockdown needed when running an event like the 100.

Superfly R3 - This spike is made for what some people call “power sprinters”. It was designed for the 100-200 but it can still be used for the 400. Like all of the other Superfly models before this, massive lockdown and power was used in the design of the shoe. The 8 pin spike placement is designed to keep runners on their toes with out having them exert more energy. In the most recent model, the forefoot strap is there to keep the foot locked down whether your running the curve in the 200 or exploding down the line in the 100. It is a little on the “heavy side” (as sprinters we really don’t care about weight) but may be a little uncomfortable when you bring it up to the 400 meter distance.

Ja (Powercat) - This, like the Superfly, is also a spike made for power sprinters. It was designed with the aid of Asafa Powell when he started his career with Nike. He loved the 8 pin spike plate of the then Superfly G5 but did not like the upper of the spike. He also loved the upper of the og Maxcat but did not like how relaxed it was. This the Powercat was born, combining the Superfly plate and the Maxcat upper. It’s the same as the Superfly in terms off aggressiveness (they use the same plate) but it’s the upper where the change is made. It is so much more flexible than the Superfly upper and also makes it much lighter. I believe this spike is one of the most versatile sprint spikes out there because it can be used from the 100 to the 800. This is personally my favorite spike because it provides a glove like feel while still being aggressive enough whenever I need it.

If you want a light, flexible spike: Maxcat 3
If you want a powerful spike with a lot of lock down: Supefly R3
If you want a light but still aggressive spike: Ja


The idea of running the 800 in the JA just sounds painful to me. Maybe I’m a puss in the 800 but I need more flex than the JA.


I wouldn’t say you’re a puss I just love being forced on my toes. I mean Khadevis Robinson had been using them for years before going to the victory