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@zen impressive kid. but I don’t think he will finish top 10 at state.


I’ve seen talented athletes play soccer and jump into a Cross Country race before (Trent Daniels and Joe Novak come to mind), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one play both sports full time and be very good at both.


Is this even legal. I don’t know any D1 conference down here that even allows double dipping in the same season.


Great question! I know D3 allows it. My son would have for sure played both as he was a huge soccer player up to his freshman year. We were told it was not possible.


didnt cami davre do this same thing her freshman and maybe sophomore years? it’s fine. just a lot to ask from this kid and he isn’t a cami davre (not many are other than Suzy favor). just a good runner with talent to be better than good.


I think Davre was playing club soccer. That is not related to WIAA rules. That is up to the individual.


In the Big 8, there have been multiple soccer playera that have doubled as the placekicker, so dont think there are rules.


I’m pretty sure the rule is that you can play two sports but not both on the same day. One conflict though is if Neenah soccer were to make the state soccer championship, that game is the same day as state Cross Country. I’m not familiar with how good their soccer team is, but just a thought.


Trenton Daniels back in 2012 played soccer for Brookfield East and ran a few CC races including the Greater Metro Conference Meet where he ran a 16:59.

On Sectional Saturday he didn’t end up running as East had a Quarterfinal sectional game that evening in soccer. Had he run, East probably would have grabbed the 2nd team spot out of the Sectional.

East soccer ended up making the State semifinals the following Friday, just missing the Championship game which was held on Saturday along with CC State.


@Titan90 your right it was a club team


There was a kid named Erik Vossman from Kettle Moraine in the late 90s early 2000s that was both a quarterback and 4:20-ish sophomore that ran cross country occasionally.


Here are the current soccer rankings.

  1. MUHS
  2. Green Bay Preble
  3. Middleton
  4. Whitefish Bay
  5. Arrowhead
  6. Brookfield Central
  7. Cedarburg
  8. Oconomowoc
  9. New Berlin Eisenhower
  10. DC Everest

Neenah is 7 and 1 in conference play according to the FVASports website and 9-4-2 overall. I will tell you this – Neenah has been a traditional powerhouse in soccer for as long as I can remember and had a number of All-Americans.


I can see why coaches don’t want to give up a potential star but having a kid double dip and conceivably bale out on one team over another at some point is a slap in the face to the kids who are with you every day hell or high water and want to compete. I love winning as much as the next guy but won’t sell my soul to get someone on my team that will be taking the place of a kid who is there every day but might not be as talented. Like Gene Hackman said in Hoosiers,“That’s my team on the floor”


And Coach!


I wonder what Matt Meinke is going to be doing tonight.

Here is the link to their :soccer: soccer schedule and, again, the link to the FVA season standings. FVA #2 Neenah kicks off against FVA #3 Kimberly tonight at 7pm. Does soccer take precedence? Will he try – can he try – to do both? If you ask me this is too much.


So probably early in the fall Meinke felt invincible but while we dont know the exact reason I am guessing overdoing it back and forth with both sports took its toll.

All those handshakes and bus trips that dont get you home until 10-10:30 on weeknights combined with the rain and chill coming through. All it takes is a little bug sickness to throw your whole routine off.

Still a solid performance for a soph (31, 16:31) but he was beating Luke G and others early on.


I believe that Joe Detmer ran on the XC team the made it to State back in the early 2000’s for Lodi. But played in a soccer game on the day of the XC State Championships. Lodi boys finished last that day.


@zen as a runner I didn’t like him doing two sports and it probably hurt him some (he seemed to have trained alot this summer so part of this is the state caught up) but he is only a sophomore and by doing both he has given himself another year to figure it out so overall I think he has done right by himself and overall did right by his teams as regardless he was still a top runner and sophmore.


That was 2001 I think. Detmer beat Tim Lacy at the Sectional race. Lodi’s soccer team did not advance out of sectionals.