Matt Centrowitz this weekend


800M with KD and Wheating as well


now listed in the 1500m with milne, heath, miller (x2), mcnamara and bolas


KD 1:45.16 mowing down Solomon (1:45.66) one the home straight. No Wheating.


3:35.89 for Wheating to take the win barely over McNamara.

I think Centrowitz got third. Can’t find results.

Nice choice for these guys to head north. New York was a mess.


Probably helped that he was tucked in near the front most of the way and not hanging in the back in lane 2.


Wheating 3:35.high
Centro 3:37.low
Miller (Craig)



Wheating 3:35.89
McNamara 3:36.03 (new personal best)
Heath 3:36.43
Centro 3:37.22

McNamara and Heath are both having very solid years, McNamara just missing 3:35 and both of them running in the 3:36s for the 2nd time this season.

3:37 for Centro in a race like this is a little scary and you don’t want to be losing to 3 Americans in a race like this with 2 weeks to go before the Trials. Still hopefully a step in the right direction. He hasn’t worked on his speed yet, right? :smiley:

Brandon Johnson dropped his PR a snip more in 3rd behind KD and Solomon. Down to 1:46.23 now.