Master Trainer review 2.0


Solar Boost or Solar Glide, depending on if you want a more cushioned or more firm shoe. The soft achilles tab is awesome and did help clear up some of my peroneal issues, which can sometimes be confused for achilles tendonitis.


Alright unorthodox opinion here. Ran (yes, RAN) in the Vapor Street Flyknits, and I know they are supposed to be fashion shoes, but man the thick React foam and Vaporfly Elite construction is a great combo. Fast, responsive, comfy, well-cushioned… almost too soft to use it for anything below 5’00 pace, but perfect otherwise. Plus, the Flyknit upper is a dream. I guess my only warning would be that while the fore/mid-foot is nice and stable, it might not work as well if you’re a heal striker and have to roll over the entire foot.


Now I’m tempted to get some…


… aaaaand I got some


Brothers and sisters of track talk. 2 trainer questions.

Love the vomero 12. Pegs have been eh since the 30. Is there a shoes that’s plush and feeling like the vomero but basically like the peg. So i guess is there a plush version of the peg 34 out there regardless of brand.

Also any fellow vom 12 lovers out there what other shoes do you love


i loved the lunar epics - plush and yet so smooth but they’ve been discontinued in favor of the epic react, which is not at all the same. haven’t tried the vomeros yet, but might do so soon as i’m tired of wearing shoes that aren’t super plush on recovery days (ie pegs and epic reacts). i wish we could get something that feels like the peg turbo underfoot but isn’t as fast or expensive…


I just bought some OG Victory Elites (Vic 2 upper with the carbon plates) and was wondering what people’s opinion are on these and how would you rank them compared to other distance spikes? Thanks


When I first got them I didn’t appreciate them enough. I wore them last year for a season they are pretty good


I never felt super comfortable in them, as in I always am conscious that I have spikes on my feet. Of mid-d spikes I own (having decent time in them; I’ve loved my brief experiences with the elite 2 and mamba 5 but haven’t put in enough distance yet), as an 800/1500 runner:

I prefer: NB MD800, OG vic, mamba 2, saucony md

I would choose elites over: vic 2, brooks wire, nike miler,


Can anyone comment on the long-term durability of the Vomero 14 vs the Pegasus 35?


Peg turbo 35 lasts close to 600 miles for the three pairs I’ve had. The only real wear area is the zoom x which starts to fade around 500. Regular peg 35 is pretty durable too just more like the 400 mark for me. The airbag feels fine but the foam feels janky.


Has anyone ever used any of the Nike Trail shoes for regular training? The new lineup looks amazing!


use them all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m a big fan (and not just because i’m compensated to be). the new kiger is a big improvement from the old one. added rock plate is great and makes them a bit more protective than the 4’s. love these for faster trail runs.

wild horse mid/outsole are unchanged from the prior version. upper is re-designed and a lot more comfortable in my opinion. use them for longer trail runs.


do you know if there will still be a trail option for the Pegasus?


Yupp. I seen it