Master Trainer review 2.0


Has anyone used the Nike zoom fly as an everyday trainer? Or is it more just a pure racer?


I’m on my 2nd pair of zoom fly’s they are a great everyday trainer for high mileage guys. They have enough cushion for your longer runs and recovery days but light enough for your tempo runs. Overall great shoe.


I have been using them in rotation with the clifton 4 doing around 95-100 miles a week. I thought that the cushion seemed too firm at first, but it has really performed well and I am not at 250 on the shoe with no major issues. Also used getting down below 5 minute pace and it holds up great there too.


how’d you find the sizing compared to the Clifton 4’s?


I’m in a 9 in both, and I haven’t had any major problems. The upper on the zoom fly is a bit stretchier and maybe the toe box is a bit wider, but they fit somewhat similarly.


Has anyone run in Sketchers Razor or GoRun or really any of their recent trainers? They don’t look half bad for their price and weight.


Teammate ran in them and was very happy with them. Apparently they have a midsole pod which feels really nice


I’ve been running in the GOrun Forza 3 and I love them. I won’t try to do the hard sell because my enthusiasm for them comes from a place of both shock and impression, but I’ll just say that they’re really, really well made. It was clear they knew what they were doing from the beginning, but now it seems like they can spend a little more on better materials and build quality. The new FLIGHTGEN foam is really Boost-like. They’re worth a shot.


Anyone pick up the Epic React?


Yeah, I picked up a pair on Thursday. Big fan so far! Did my 16 mile long run in them today. They are bouncy for sure. Also a fan of the upper. Feels way less clunky than a trainer like the Pegasus. Had no problem rolling a 5:40 15th mile today, which sometimes feels awkward in my pegs.


So anyone had a chance to try the Streak LT4 yet? Is the upper improved to stop side to side foot slipping?


I honestly have to say that they’re more comfortable than Boost. It’s a different kind of comfort but they’re definitely more responsive, lighter and the Flyknit upper fits far tighter to the foot (in a good way) than Ultra Boosts. More targeted towards slower jogging and warming up imo though, too much cushion on foot for anything faster. Despite how cushioned and soft they actually are when moving, it’s almost like they have a stiff plate running through the shoe when stationary. I definitely recommend them, worth the money.


Looking for a review on the new Jordan zoom tenacity 88. How is the sizing compared to Pegs, zoom elites, streaks, lunarglides. Does anyone know how much they weigh (can’t seem to find that on the nike website).

Does anyone know why there is various colours floating around on Ebay, that look similar to Jordan 3s and 13s, however on the Official website the only colour available is pure black, looks so bland.

Furthermore any reviews on the Jordan Grind? Noticed it is on sale on the website at the moment and it looks like the lunar tempo.


I recently got a pair of zoom fly and ran in them for the first time today…what the actual heck. I think i like them but theyre absolutely way different than anything ive ever ran in and ive run in a TON of shoes


Not seeing enough Vomero love in the world. I’m currently on my 4th pair-- started with the 11’s, had 2 pairs of the 12’s, and I’m currently burning through the 13’s. Retired my last pair of 12’s at 560 miles, which is pretty alright for Nikes in my humble experience. I’ve never had any issues with the uppers ripping out, and I’ve always had even tread wear on the soles.


Has anyone been able to try the new Adidas Solar Boost yet? They say it’s the successor to the Energy Boost, which I used to love, but the last few iterations have been awful. I’m hoping the Solar Boost could be my return to Adidas trainers.


A good source of mine says that they are the best thing since sliced bread. He loves them and says they are like a glide but more responsive


Got a pair ceded to me at work. Ill let you all know in a couple days


Good, Bad, or still too soon to tell


They strangely still haven’t showed up yet. Hopefully soon. Sorry bout dat