Master Spike Review Thread


We can say that it’s not an uncommon problem in all uses of the Mamba V.


I feel bad for y’all, I’ve honeslty only ripped one pair of spikes ever so far. Ranging from og vic to the now mamaba


Which pair ripped? My Vic 2s lasted me through high school until I started racing more. Got absolutely trashed my last few races.


Big news! My Bowerman TC Mambas just came in and turns out the inside and outside of the upper are reinforced so as not to rip! I’m pumped! @GThorvald @FreeBryd @bakers13


They come like that stock don’t they? As in this isn’t new to the Mamba?

Nevermind. I just checked. I didn’t realize the first run models didn’t have the TPU film. That’s pretty cool of Nike. Like when people were complaining about the permanent pins in the Elite 2



Got my Bowerman’s in today too. Then compared with the OG White’s.

Definitely have the reinforced upper on the medial and lateral sides in the forefoot that the initial release didn’t have. Glad Nike has recognized it’s a problem and started working quickly to solve it.


I think I got a slight tear in some vic 2s , only used them for strides and fast 2s they’re old old. All my other spikes have lived good tearless lives