Master Spike Review Thread


yes, these don’t stack up at all against the $100+ elite spikes. But they come across as good entry level spikes, that if readily available will be popular with JV runners


That was built to entry level, but the price goes higher. People can afford will not care much about $15 different, UA want to use that difference on price to tell the public their products are better entry level spikes. Anyway, I don’t think the market will accept their plan. Rival from Nike has bad shape and only half plate, but Nike still have good value on their brand, in fact, I think Nike have the most large advantage on track & field market, even larger than their basketball.[quote=“Robin.Kelly, post:562, topic:1402, full:true”]
so would you say that these particular spikes could be compared to entry level spikes such as Rivals?


How is sizing in the avanti boosts as compared to vics/tumbos?


@Sit_And_Kick just ordered some! He can tell you.


I wear a size 10 in the OG Vics and like a really snug fit. Bought some Avanti Prime’s in size 10 and didn’t have the same lockdown feel, just a little more wiggle room than I would like. Specifically at the end of my toes and a little on the sides. Ended up ordering a size 9.5 to see if I could get the feel I was looking for but haven’t got them yet. I’m not sure of any other Adidas spikes though. I know the Prime may be unique bc of the different upper but that is my 2 cents.


anyone have any insight into sizing on the zoom d’s or non-prime avanti boosts as compared to vic 2s? i just bought a pair of white/black vic 3s but they’re too small. being a size 13 sucks in this instance because the vic 3s aren’t carried in a size 14 on running warehouse so I’m gonna have to send these beauties back and get something less marvelous.


I found that a half size up fit best with the regular avanti boost


Just got myself a pair of the Victory 3. The ride felt very similar to the original Victory in my opinion. Nice fit, very responsive, but not overly aggressive.

9.5/10, would recommend.


Has anyone had the same experience as I have with the paint on the Adidas Olympic Colourway’s spike plate peeling off to reveal a chrome silver underneath? I wore my Accelerator’s once and the red is just peeling off like nothing else. Real real bummer since they’re such pretty and good spikes. I don’t know what to do.


All of the sprint spikes seem to have issues with this - the UA Speedforms chrome peels off, as does Nike’s Ja Fly with chrome. They usually come with a tag that warns you that use will cause them to peel.


I’ve had the paint peel off before on spikes but nowhere near to this extent. Especially after only having them for one day and using them for one rep.


Yeah, my Avantis started peeling after my first day of strides with them, and it’s showing no signs of stopping… It’s somewhat OK at least since the plastic underneath is red, but what’s really annoying is that the chrome plating sometimes catches onto the track itself and makes a scratching noise. Doesn’t affect the performance at all, but from such a well-constructed shoe it’s kinda funny that its only downfall is peeling chrome.


Looks like Adidas is just as bad at customising spikes as we are haha, just no way to stop paint from peelin


Has anyone tried the nike zoom vic xc 4? I know they are strange, but I have no idea how they perform.


seconded. got a pair from my manager and am wondering if they’re worth breaking in for the last 2 xc races this year or if there are any glaring issues anyone has encountered…


Guys on the University XC team near me either liked them bc of the high collar, or swapped them for another model bc they got terrible blisters even while wearing socks. It’s really one of those fits you have to see if it works for your foot. I heard the plate is nice, but it’s not worth it if the shoe rubs your feet raw.


Just bought a pair of vic elite 2s, just wondering what people think of them, and how they compare to vic elites, ballistas, 800s?


super stiff… I’ve only run strides in them and I can’t imagine running anything over a mile in them. That said, they are stiffer than the vic elites (my favorite spikes to date) and the og vics. I’ve run 8ks in the vic elites and my feet have felt fine after.


Has anyone run in the Under Armour Speedform Miler Pro 2? I’m interested in how it compares to the first edition. It looks like all they changed is the upper, but the second version looks like it laces/locks down better than the first version. I’ve run in the first edition and it is alright, but could be better. Anyone have any insight?


How do people like the forever xc 5? The vic xc 4 sock did not fit my foot well, so im stuck between sticking with the vic xc 3 and the forever 5 as those look like the nike options this year