Master Spike Review Thread


how is the durability? im able to get a pair cheap so i would mostly wanna use them for track or grass intervals. i think @teddy_farley can help since he seems to know a lot about adidas shoes


I thought the durability of the takumi sens was pretty decent, but not quite equal to the $160 price tag, which was too bad, because the shoes themselves are absolutely excellent. The durability issue wasn’t related to the midsole - the foam there felt good as new after several hundred miles - but more specifically the nubs on the forefoot just wearing out. As I said, I still got several hundred miles out of them, and only started to lose any sort of traction by about 150 miles in, so they will certainly work, especially if you will be using them for track and grass intervals. For reference, most of my miles in them were on the roads, which would almost certainly wear them down faster than the track/grass. Hope that helps.


I agree with teddy. Def not worth the 160 in terms of durability(compared to something like the Adios at 140), but if you can manage to find them at a discount it’s well worth it. The traction on the bottom is the first thing to go, but the heel and toe rubber (continental tire) holds up as good as anything. I’ve got about 60ish miles on mine using them for 2xHalf Marathon, 2 x 10k, 1 x 5mi + workouts. I’m a big big fan of the shoe and it’s a shame its not more prominent in the US market.


Hey guys I’m wondering if anyone has used either the hoka rocket ld or the brooks wire for cross country and how either of them worked out.


so, for a HSer whose main event is the 2-mile and also runs the mile in track, with a pure midfoot strike, would the Avanti Boost be a good choice? seems like it would be. and, since I don’t want to clog up the boards, what’s the sizing like on the Primeknits?


I’m back with my review of the Flyknit Streak 6s. Let’s just say they are my new favorite flat for both training and racing. I had adios boost 2s before I got my streaks so I know what a good flat feels like. The extremely smooth toe off and their lightweight construction makes them the perfect flat for tempos and long intervals. I even swapped them for my LT2s for my cross country races (8k). The flyknit is nice because you can get a snugger fit without crushing your toes but I would not say it’s worth the extra money.


Has anyone run in the avati boosts? im thinking about getting a pair, im a mile/ 2mile/ steeplechaser. Also does it run true to size.


I just got a pair but haven’t worn them in a race or workout yet… Although a bunch of my teammates have and say they rock. For sizing I ordered the same size I wear in Pegs (9.5) and they fit perfectly.


true to size. great spike. I actually rock em in workouts more than races cuz the boost is good for keepin some life in the legs.


The Vazee Sigmas are the most comfortable spike i have ever worn. The boa lace system works wonderfully and the spike plate is awesome. I’ve only done a few strides in them, but just on how they’ve felt this far, they are my favorite sprint spikes that I’ve owned.(ive run in the ja’s, finesse, celars and nb 400s).


Just wondering, am I the only one that prefers the zoom victory elite over the victory elite 2 or victory 3


Aesthetically or functionally? Have you worked out and/or raced in all 3?


Yes I have ran in all three. Functionally, I find the elite 2 too agressive for anything above an 800m. The vic 3 feels cheap. Imo the vic elite has a preferable balance of aggressiveness and functionality over many events.


When you say the Vic 3 feels cheap, what exactly does that mean? Are there differences other than the carbon fiber and the permanence of the pins between it and the elite 2?


I agree 100% that the 3 feels cheap and poorly made. However, I found the elite2 to be the perfect 1500m shoe. I feel like it’s less stiff than the elite1 also. Who knows…perhaps different feet falls creates such a subjective difference? In your favor, the elite1 will be significantly cheap the next few months, and you can purchase a treasure chest full to accommodate your future years of track training…


Compared to the glide how does the adios boost fit?


I’m the same size in both.


Hey sprinters (all two of you). Has anyone tried out the Superfly Elites yet? Any idea if we’re getting a color other than the yellow and pink?


Has anyone worked with the Matumbo 3’s yet? Any opinions?


Great spike. Much improved from Matumbo2, but still not as good as the OG. That’s just one man’s opinion, however.