Master Spike Review Thread


Hoka’s are out


That hoka plate reminds me so much of the old Milers and Lanangs. GT


Ran in the zoom D finally. I’ve pretty much run 5 miles a week since october so I’m disgustingly out of shape, but I jumped in a mile just to see what i could do on zero training. anyway, zoom D is comfortable. I cheese grated my pinky toe a bit, but that usually happens to me, especially with new spikes. It isn’t aggressive at all though, definitely think it would be an awesome 3k-5k spike, but you won’t see me wearing it for another mile any time soon. I’ll write up more when I run something more legitimate in them and/or have time to think about how they feel while running instead of worrying about how hard I’m going to blow up in the coming laps.


Question is, how was the mile race?!:smile:


i closed in 78. I’m not proud of that


has anyone tried on and or run in the old adizero avati 2’s. so the ones right before the boost version.


Yes, I have two pairs. Anyone particular questions about them?


I have two pairs as well. Solid spike, not the lightest, but reasonable enough that it works. Have worn the avanti 2s for everything from the mile up to the 10k plus cross country (to date, they are my favorite cross spikes). Not super aggressive, probably somewhere between victory’s and 'tumbos. Fit was true-to-size for me, I am an 8 in most spikes and these were no exception.


no particular questions, just thinking about getting some but don’t know a whole lot about them. im a miler, 2 miler and will be running the steeplechase. ive just been curious about them.

also thanks for your comments @teddy_farley


I’ll mirror Teddy’s response. They’re not particularly light, but they’ve got a nice feel to them. It’s actually one of my favorite spikes for longer track reps - fairly forgiving compared to other spikes.

As far as sizing goes, I normally wear a 10 but can normally squeeze a 9.5 in Nikes. My 10 in the Avanti 2 is SUPER snug and I actually prefer my 10.5, but that’s my preference.

Careful, they do have a tendency to shred your achilles.


Strangely enough, this happened to me the first time I wore my first pair, but never happened again, including when I got the second pair. Since the first time, I have been able to wear them with or without socks with no problems.


Opinions on the Mamba 3?


buy yourself a pair of really rigid flip flops, then place some permanent screws into the bottom. find some neoprene socks and put them on. you now have the mamba 3. GT


My buddy swears by them. He loves the split plate.


I think the mamba 3 might be one of the most polarizing spikes I’ve ever seen. I know several people who love them, and then on the other hand, GT isn’t exactly the biggest fan in the world… Almost makes me want to pick up a pair just to see what all the fuss is about.


mixed reviews then, they look nice though


GT is the only person i’ve ever met that doesn’t love them. A bunch of my teammates ran in them this year, and pretty much every d1 steeple chaser has had them on this year. I’m a big fan


Anyone have any experience with Under Armour’s Miler Pro?? Been thinking about picking up a pair if I can find them for the right price. Good looking spike, but not sure about the fit.


I got some Brooks Mach 18s today. I’ll review in a few weeks, probably. They feel mildly aggressive for an XC spike, which is awesome.


Has anyone worn the Adidas Avanti 2 with boost? They don’t look very aggressive, maybe more of a miler/3k shoe than an 800 shoe, but I’ve never worn them.