Master Spike Review Thread


Avantis run and feel pretty similar to the Matumbos imo, maybe a tad more pop in the toes. I wear 10.5s in matumbos, same for the new Avanti boosts. All in all it’s a quality upgrade to what was a pretty mediocre spike. They feel more like a premier distance running spike in the way the old Avantis didn’t: much less clunky, smoother transition, nice amount of pop. Solid alternative to a matumbo, but I’d try and get your feet on a pair before buying them to see how the boost foam feels on foot, can be polarizing for better or worse.


Trying to decide between Avanti 2’s and Ambitions for this season. I run anywhere from mile-steeple and looking for a solid all around spike. Not too aggressive, but enough to get me up and going.


between those two, I’d probably go victory.


Go with the avanti 2’s. One of my favorite spikes from mile-10k.


Has anyone run in the new Adidas Prime SPs? (link: If so, how are they different from the previous iterations?


So my store got Hoka spikes in on Monday, and i am actually really impressed. Both the MD and the LD have pretty aggressive plates and put you up on the mid foot nicely. Also the fit is phnominal. The downside I see is on the LD there is a pretty heavy plastic on the back of the spike. Overall great spike.


Any chance you could post some pics? Would be great! GT


Yeah I will post pictures when I go to work today


Is there online ordering from your store? If so, could you post the link to the store’s website?


You can get them on NAZ Elites website for $100


Anyone have any thoughts on the new Zoom D’s? Kinda want to try them out…


Very nice. Comfortable. Not as responsive as Vic/vic2’s, but still have a bit of pop. Not as tough on the calves and achilles. GT




Here are the Hoka Rocket MD, I can post pics of the LD tomorrow as well.
I Just snagged a pair and am going to run in them tomorrow, ill be sure to post an in depth review.


I just tried on a pair of Rocket MDs yesterday and I can say for a fact that they are a high-quality spike. A little bit heavier than a lot of spikes out there, but the lockdown is amazing and the aggressiveness is very impressive. Hoka did a really good job on this.


Anyone run in the puma distance spikes?


no, because why would anyone do that.


Man, the original neon yellow Harambees with the OG eldoret plate as worn by Komen, et al were SPECTACULAR. Haven’t seen a pair in a long time. GT


I have Finesse coming in this week, and the main, definitive difference is the introduction of a synthetic upper rather than the mesh. On FTTF, its stated that the “New synthetic upper designed to provide great hold while maintaining lightweight performance”. The Finesse and Accel’s also seem to have a microsuede lining, which “allows for maximum comfort while increasing durability in high-tension areas of the foot during event-specific motions”. So all in all, it really seems like Adidas HAS improved on the spikes, despite the somewhat ugliness as some see them. I believe the Finesse and Accel’s are slightly heavier, whereas the SP seems to have stuck within the 3._oz range.


As good as my Evospeed Electric’s are on foot, those distance spikes just look like Rival’s. Stay far away from them.