Master Spike Review Thread


Thoughts on sizing, Nolan? I’m a 11 in Lunarglide/Tempo, 10/10.5 in Matumbo. I’m thinking of picking up a pair for track 10Ks. Excited to get my feet on a pair.


Nolan, what colorway did you go for? Still trying to decide if I should take the risk with the white.


I agree with mr. hayes, the LT3s are great, just narrow.


I went blue, but all of the colors are awesome. I’m thinking about getting the black as well and putting some paint on them to change them around a bit. and in response to sizing, same as the LT 2. for nikes I definitely range 8-9 depending on the shoe, mostly wear 8.5s but theres always those shoes that fit a bit smaller or bigger. went 8.5, should be fine.


thanks! i pre-ordered the black and green ones on RRS. Can you feel the difference in the supposed wider forefoot? Think it’s enough shoe for a half marathon? The pre-order isn’t expected to ship until ~Jan 4th :frowning:


i have narrow ish feet so I have no idea. upper material will not be constraining, still not enough shoe for a half marathon. and oh no, for an entire week’s worth of workouts you won’t have them.


For anyone thinking of purchasing the Streak LT3, I tried them out for the first time today here are some thoughts:

They fit almost half a size smaller than the LT2 (also much more fitted and anatomical - like a glove).
The mesh (Flymesh?) is incredibly light and breathable much like the rest of the current Nike shoes, in parts of the forefoot and sides its transparent!

The LT3 is much more like a spike for the road as someone already mentioned, the forefoot rubber is much more pronounced (like a spike) and and rounded compared to the LT2. Definitely aimed at more of a forefoot runner!

The cushioning in the LT3 seems noticeably firmer than the LT2, particularly in the forefoot which makes them feel more responsive and poppy (also the split toe adds to this).
Where I have found the LT2 to be very versatile through many distances, the LT3 seems to be aimed at shorter distances - although yet to try them out on a longer run.


This kind of saddens me. Would you say it is more similar to the Saucony Endorphin Racer or the NB RC5000 now?


Dont worry not quite to that degree, and they still have the nike zoom in the heel. Its mainly when your on the forefoot when they feel more aggressive, probably due to the fact there is a huge chunk of rubber/lugs on the forefoot now


Running store I work at is getting our Hoka Spikes in tomorrow morning. I will post pictures and a review in the evening


How are they? Really interested in getting a pair and would like to hear what people have to say about them.



I got my LT3’s in the mail today, and that’s really all I can say. Definitely agree that they feel like spikes for roads. I haven’t worked out in them yet and probably won’t until next week, but I immediately fell in love with them after a couple of strides.


anyone want a pair of asics 2000 v3 (fall 2015 model) shoes? Size 11.

I ran in them once and they’re too tight on me.


Can someone please explain to me why the og victories are so coveted and what makes them so good, as compared to the victory 2’s? ive just always been curious.



In my opinion:
Better plate, more responsive; and believe it or not, better laces! Notice that many pros prefer the OG plate: jager, centro, etc. GT


I believe more or less its just what everyone is used to. the victory was such a huge upgrade from the miler that everyone and their mom changed over, the vic 2s weren’t a huge difference so people just stuck to what they knew. realistically they’re pretty comparable IMO.


so if i am trying to decide between the original victory and mamba 2 for track season, which would you recommend, ( i run the 800 sub 2, mile sub 4:30, 2 mile sub 9:45, if that helps at all)
thanks guys


Honestly the og Vic’s would be my reccomendation. I have always felt a little flat in mambas, they don’t the be the same pop as the Vic’s.


…what XC said. Plus, even though the mambas are a 3k steeple shoe, I don’t think I’d want to race multiple two miles in them. That’s just my opinion, however. I didn’t feel like the v2 plate had the same zing as the OG either. The v2 upper is a bit kinder to the sockless lot though. GT


Does anyone know anything about the sizing of the new adidas boost Avanti compared to Nike spikes? Also just anything about the spike in general?