Master Spike Review Thread


funny, i have 2 pairs of elites and a pair of vic 2s also. I never really got enough races in with the elites to decide whether or not I like them. i assume i won’t be running anything shorter than a 3k the rest of the season, so i’ll report back in the spring. i am excited to run 3k in eldoret 2s and see how that goes, the shoe seems beautiful but my pair has still never even touched the track


I was poking around on eastbay, and came across the adizero ambition. They appear to be advertising it as a rival-esque quality shoe, but I can’t come to figure out why. Has anyone tried it? it looks like a legit spike to me. Maybe a mix between a cadence and avanti? Is there anything about this shoe that should keep me from buying it? I hope this turns out to be one of those diamond in the rough spikes that ends up being awesome



I actually bought the Ambitions and in my opinion they are indeed the real deal. I have read the eastbay description and i dont really understand why they make it seem like the Rival, because its not. It has the original Avanti plate and a new upper thats pretty comfortable. I would say that they are somewhere between the victory and matumbo in terms of aggressiveness. One thing i though was odd was that on the upper, the material by your arch kind of protrudes out so its almost like a straight line on the inside from the heel to toe. However, i have wide feet so this actually feels pretty comfortable. Overall i think they are an absolute steal and are by no means on par with the rival. Hope this helps.


Has anyone tried the New Balance LD5000? If so how does it compare to a matumbo or victory XC? I’ve run in the vic XC’s for a few 10K’s and really liked em but I’m looking for something a little bit different.


Who knows much about Maxcats or Celar 5’s? Even Showdown’s?


Bump. Anybody have any experience with Saucony Spitfire’s? They’re quite cheap on FTTF and I was just wandering whether I should pick up a pair, or just go the extra $30 and grab some Celar 5’s.


Has anybody used the Avanti 2 for XC? I am thinking of getting a pair but I don’t know too much about them. How do they compare to the OG victories? I love the victories and are my go to spike for XC and am interested in trying an adidas spike.


Two years ago, I wore cadences for all of the regular season meets and then avantis for the championship meets. They were great, I loved them for cross. It should probably be noted that it was a 10k on all grass, can’t imagine that they would be great on a rough course, but then again, neither would any track spike.

In conclusion, avantis are highly recommended.


Thanks for the review! I am really hoping to get my hands on a pair. I’m really interested in trying adidas spikes and I’m glad to see the good review from you!


So what’s the call on the New Balance MD800 v3? I really like the pink colorway, but i’m wondering if these are aggressive enough for the 800 and or 400. More/less than og vics?


I just got that same pair a few weeks ago from FTTF. The plate is far more aggressive than vics,
which actually surprised me. I did a tempo style workout last week and at the end I did an all out
400 with them and despite fatigue, they put me right up on my toes. The upper, in my opinion,
gives a more ‘lock-down’ feel compared to the vics too. They’re about an oz heavier compared to
vics but definitely don’t lack in speed. Plus, you can’t go wrong for $30.

So in terms of middle distance spike aggression:
Saucony MD4 > NB MD800v3 > OG Vics


Finding the exact pair of spikes you’ve been looking for for half a year never fails to excite.

Just picked up a pair of OG victories in blue for under $30 :slight_smile:


I’ve been using the MD800’s lately also, my observation is that they start super aggressive, but I’ve noticed mine are breaking in a bit, and I think they’re very similar to my OGs right now. First workout in them killed my calves, and at the time I wouldn’t have even used them for a mile. Now they’re still aggressive enough for a mile and 800, and can hang for a 400.


Anyone know how The Wire 2’s or 3’s feel and fit? Are they more comparable to the victory or matumbo in terms of aggression and flexibility?


I’ve used the Wire 1 and 2 (same midsole/plate, different upper). They’re kind of a wierd in between victory/Matumbo. The spike plate is more similar to the vics, but there’s no shank, so they’re less aggressive. I’ve still gotten some decent 400’s out of them, they’re just not ideal. Mile and up they’re good.

No experience with the wire 3, but I’m under the impression that they’re very similar to Matumbos.


Anyone test out the new Mamba’s yet? I get what Nike for going for, but I’m concerned about if the neoprene collar would make the spike feel too restricting.


The collar feels fine as soon as you get it on, it only makes getting the spikes on hard. Honestly I think the new upper is better than the Mamba 2’s once its on.


Anybody have experience with the LD5000 v2? I was just wondering what the upper is like as it’s the only new part of the spike.


What are the all time best for 100-400? Would you wear the same show for all 3?


Superfly R3’s, Powercats, Ja Flys, Finesse, Accelerator, Demolisher. The list goes on and on.