Master Spike Review Thread


Yea I was wondering how durable the plate was on the carrera’s. I can’t say every course I’ll be racing on will be 100% grass, so I was kinda worried about the level of peroformnce on a tougher surface. I may do a little more research into the XC 5000. I’m not the biggest fan of the victory XC so I’m willing to give NB a shot I think.


We got the xc 5000s for free this year and every guy on the team wears them and loves them


How do they fit? I’ve worn the MR1400 flat before and had to go up half a size


pretty much what ever your size in for a new balance trainer, maybe a half size down. kinda crazy for me to say seeing that i train in size 9 lunar speed lites and wear size 8 for every nike spike, but for the new balances they gave us i got 8.5 890s and 8.5 5000s


Has anyone owned/worn the Reebok Harrier Ultras I believe they are called. They seem like a scrub spike, but I want to pick up a pair because I never see anyone racing in Reebok and I think it would look pretty rad.


those probably are heavier than your trainers


They basically look like someone stuck spikes onto the bottom of a pair of dumpy sneakers.


those look like javelin or cricket spikes.


I’m pretty sure you don’t see anyone racing in those is because you’re not on a 1997 JV track team. They’d probably be better used as golf shoes nowadays.


I just think it would be awesome to win a race wearing those, like that kid from SC who won the state meet in Jordans.


Pics or it didn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Well I’ll be…


South Carolina 1A, where unbelievable happens. Running has come a long way in the smaller schools here…kid in jordans won in 17:0x if I remember correctly. Winning time this year in the same division was 15:15


I’d quit running entirely if I got 2nd to a kid in J’s at the state meet :smiley:


That might just be the greatest picture to ever reach TrackTalk. The expression on the kid behind him makes the pic.


I can’t believe you guys have never seen that or heard about it before! that was four years ago! I’m from NY and i remember hearing about it so long ago


So yeah, raced in victory 2s yesterday for the first time. They’re pretty rad, very similar to OG Vic’s. I liked them much more than I expected I would. Also I ran a workout in eldoret 1s and they’re insanely aggressive. It’s amazing how much more aggressive nike’s older spikes were.


Anybody tried the New Balance MLD5000? I really like the look of the spike and I’m wondering if it’s up to Vic/tumbo standards.


I don’t know if I’d say vic/tumbo standards, but it’s definitely a cool shoe. I’d say go for it. There’s a weird springy cusiony feeling in the forefoot, but I kind of like it. Like I said, go for it if you like the look, the time difference for your races will be trivial if anything at all :wink:


I know this isn’t what you asked, but for what it’s worth – New Balance’s MD800v2 is awesome. One of the few non-Nike spikes I own. Can be used for anything from 200 - mile, if you ask me.


Sold my pair of eldo’s a few months ago but I do remember them being a lot more aggressive than I thought as well. I loved how all of the older spike pates were different iterations of the miler plate. I have two pairs of vic elites and a pair of vic 2s that I’ve been itching to run in, but I’m a long way from getting back on the track at the moment for anything serious enough to warrant using them.