Master Spike Review Thread


Here’s a place to post all the spike reviews and/or questioning pertaining to them.


Overall Impression/10
Reasons x,y,z


ex:Nike Zoom Victory

Overall: 10/10
These things are super light, feel great, and have solid lockdown.
Comfort: 9.5/10
They are a little narrow for some, the plate is thin so not recommended for XC.
Plate: 10/10
The spike configuration is awesome, and the lockdown is fantastic. Just enough cushion, and still is a really light package.
Durability: 9/10
These things can rip easily and the cushion wears down fast. Other than that these things are good to go.
Pros:light, comfy, solid lockdown, sexy colors
Cons: the sockliner comes loose (can be fixed with a dab or two of superglue)


Anyone have the Adidas Cadence?


Yes I would also like to get a review for these, and a size/fit review. Seems like a great spike but I just havnt bought them because I dont know whats up with them.


Nike Zoom BigBrotha

Overall Impression: 8/10

Eastbay Description:
The Nike Zoom Bigbrotha track spike is designed for the versatility of many different sprint events. Skeletal synthetic frame offers support in a minimal, lightweight package. Internal forefoot strapping system adds lock down. Lightweight, contoured Phylon™ midsole provides cushioning. Flexible yet supportive five-spike configuration with extended midfoot support. Heel outsole pod delivers extra traction. Includes 1/4" Christmas tree spikes and a wrench. Wt. 7.2 oz.

My Review:
This is one of Nike’s most versatile sprint spikes. It has been used for distances up to 800m. It has the Celar plate that was originally made for Marion Jones in the 100m but it ended up being used mostly for the 400 in my experience. In terms of aggressiveness, it lies in between in the Powercat and the Maxcat leaning more towards the relaxed side. It has a 3/4 length plate with 5 pins. The upper is very flexible and can provide lock down when needed for the shorter distances. The plate is a beast for hurdles; a lot of big names like Liu Xiang, David Oliver, Bershawn Jackson, and Kerron Clement use this for hurdling. I personally have had issues with the high arc in the shoe; I’ve had irritation in that area.

Comfort: 7/10
a little narrow and the high arc bothers me.

Plate: 9/10
probably the most versatile spike Nike has that can range from the 100 to even maybe the 800

Durability: 8.5/10
pretty good they’ve lasted 2 seasons right now

Pros: versatilty and awesomness on the hurdles
Cons: the arc bothers me a little bit imo


Nike Zoom Monsterfly

Overall Impression: 8/10

Eastbay description:
Shawn Crawford’s shoe in the 2004 Olympic Games. The Nike Monster Fly is designed for the elite level 100 meter sprinter looking for a sprint spike with the latest in innovative technology that supports the foot and enhances performance like no other spike. Lean and light synthetic one-piece vamp creates perfect forefoot lock down for power transfer.Forefoot support band integrated into the upper for adjustable fit and stability over the spike plate. Open mesh panel creates breathability and reduces weight. Phylon™ wedge midsole. Full-length nylon plate provides support. Aggressive seven permanent Christmas tree 7mm spikes add traction in a lightweight package. Two-column Nike Shox™ support piece under the heel supports the foot and provides correct sprinting form and foot position. Wt. 7.4 oz.

My review:
I love this shoe from sprint distances up to the 400. Although it has the stigma of having the same upper as the Rival Sprint III, with this plate it provides great lock down especially in the 100 where it is needed the most. In my opinion, the plate is as aggressive as the Powercat but it has a different feel; a little more natural. It has a similar spike configuration to the it’s Rival counter part but the middle spike doesn’t bother you. It has permanent spikes that are really durable; mine haven’t worn down and I’ve had them for 3 years. The shox are put there to support the foot when your heel strikes the ground in the latter part of a 400 maybe but it isn’t necessary at all. If it didn’t have the shox in it I would give it a higher score.

Comfort: 9/10
best lockdown on any sprint spike I’ve used

Plate: 8/10
shox are unnecessary but provide great aggression

Durability: 8.5/10
after I got my powercats these became my practice spikes and I’ve used them almost every practice for two years and the perma-pins are still good. The plate itself is very worn though

Pros: great lockdown and perfect for the 100
Cons: unnecessary shox


Nike Zoom Powercat

Overall Impression: 10/10

Eastbay Desciption:

Designed and tested with the world’s fastest 100-400 meter trackathletes, the Nike Zoom Powercat is a technical sprint spike for thesprinter looking for the most support under the foot in a minimal andlight package. Minimal, light and uniquely crafted synthetic upper isperforated for breathability. Low-profile Phylon


Nike Zoom Mamba

Comfort: 9/10
Takes a race or two to wear them in, but after that you barely notice them. A bit narrow, but that may be because I have a wider foot. Breathes very well because of the open mesh upper.

Plate: 9/10
3 fingered, 5 pin plate. Similar to that of the OG Maxcat (I think that was it, someone can correct me on this if that’s wrong). Somewhat aggressive but can be used up to 5000 meters comfortably, hell Lisa Koll even uses them for the 10000. Can also be used for XC on all grass courses.

Durability: ?/10
I have only used them for one track season so I cannot say, although I’ve heard they don’t last too long.

Looks: 9/10
I think the bright orange colorway is sick, and I don’t get why some people hate the OG colorway when thats supposed to be the theme of the spike (Mamba=Crocodile in Kenyan).


Nike Zoom Miler

Overall Impression: 9.5/10

Eastbay Desciption:

The Zoom Miler is the first Nike track spike designed specifically for the mile. Designed for the middle distance runner looking for a ultra-lightweight spike with an aggressive plate and platform. Lightweight Japan inspired mesh upper, midfoot synthetic strap adds support, synthetic glove-like leather forefoot. Ultra-thin Phylon


Nike Zoom Superfly R2

Overall Impression: 9/10

First To The Finish Description:

Worn by Olympic Champion Dawn Harper in Beijing. Designed, developed and tested with the world


Nike Zoom Lanang

Overall Impression: 10/10

Eastbay Desciption:

The Nike Zoom Lanang ST is a highly breathable and ultra-lightweight steeplechase shoe for the athlete who needs a specific spike for running the barriers. Light and open mesh upper is designed to maximize water drainage and minimize water retention. Forefoot straps allow the foot to stay positioned over the footbed. Low-profile Phylon


Wow I’m so bored at work I just did six reviews


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Correction and I’ve gotten 3 track seasons out of mine (1 indoor, 2 outdoor) and half of an xc season out of mine, plus a buttload of workouts. They’re work out but they were still real good towards the end.


it was lost in the transition and due to popular demand was recently restored.


Could someone list the agressiveness of these spikes? Victory, Miler, Maxcat, Avanti, Adizero Md?

I’ve never run in victories, milers, or avantis so i just wanna compare them all to the others


I have the Victory’s and the Avanti’s. I would say that the Vic’s are a lot more aggressive than the Avanti’s. I haven’t worn the Avanti’s in a race yet, but when I first got them and tried them on they were less aggressive. In my opinion they have a 1500m-10k range, although I would rather use the Vic’s for a 1500m. The Avanti’s are Adidas’ premier steeple chase spike, the drainage is very comparable to the lanangs . They are 5.1 oz (size 9) and are, in my opinion, a lot more durable than the Matumbo’s.

I will put up a full review once I have used them more.


Could someone review the Nike Forever XC and the Nike Forever XC 2s? Im pretty sure im gonna buy one of those two for xc this year but would like to hear some input on the shoe


some non-nike spikes please. yes, other running shoe companies do exist.


need more of a review on the nike forever xc 2’s than the org foreve xc


From what my friends have said, the XC2’s were a bit of a disappointment. They said the spikes were extremely stiff and a little uncomfortable because of the arch. I know for a fact that they are solid at draining and aren’t too heavy.

On the other hand, one of my mid distance friends used them from XC thru outdoor and didn’t have an issue. They looked almost new too.