Master Sizing and Fitting Thread


I recently got a pair of these. I normally go for uk 10.5 and have done in the avanti boot and MD. To me the ambition runs a little snugged, nothing too major, I can wear them fine with no problem.


Has anyone here worn both the normal Avanti Boost and the PrimeKnit Avanti Boost? I have a pair of the Primes in my normal size (8) that I wear in Vics and every other spike, but they feel big. Mostly the upper is not snug even if I tie the laces as tight as they go. The length in the end is fine, a half size smaller would still fit though. I love the spikes, but they don’t feel secure on my feet so I am hesitant to wear them.

Basically what I want to know is, if I was to buy a pair of the normal Avantis should I go down half a size or is the fit more true to size in terms of other spikes? The Avanti Primes don’t have a full length sockliner, so I am thinking that the full length one in the normal Avanti might cause the fit to be different. Any input/advice is appreciated!


The Flyknit Streaks seem to fit pretty true to size in comparison with the standard Streak 6. It’s a little different feel with the Flyknit upper but I wore a 10.0 in both. Don’t know which one I liked more, both are solid.


Normal sizing on the Avanti. They’ll probably feel just a touch loose, but a half size down will be too short. The PrimeKnit is what causes the Avanti Prime to be so loose and insecure.

I wear 10 in the Vic 3’s / Tumbo 3’s and Avanti’s and the fit is fine.


Quick question on how the victories are supposed to fit in general, specifically OGs and Elites. Do they usually fit TTS? My true size (11.5) in both OG Vics and Vic Elites leaves a bit of room before the toe if I push my foot all the way back. Not a ton, my big toe is still on top of the frontmost spike pin, but I’ve heard that some people wear them with their toes all the way at the front and I wasn’t sure.

Also, how do these spikes compare sizing wise to the Victory 3s? I may pick up a pair just to do workouts in or something later this year. I had 12s which were too big but wasn’t sure whether they run small or something. THanks!


I think the 3s run slightly smaller than the og and 2s. So if you got room in a vic 2 you’d be fine in a 3 of same size. But if your 2s are tight then up size the 3s


They’re “supposed to fit” however is most comfortable for you. Personally I like a tight fit so i go down a half size in OG and 2’s, but go TTS for the third gen


Any idea if the mamba 5 fits like the victory 3 or more like the vic 2. Felt the 3 was tight than the 2 .


My Nike trainers and XC spikes are 11.5, and I ended up getting 11.5 and 11 to see which fits better. I’ll update when they arrive.


I just threw mine on. Mamba fits maybe slightly slightly tighter than the vic 3. I’m size 10 in vic 1-2 and 10.5 in vic 3 and I guess now 10.5 in mamba


Is there a size difference between the zoom fly sp and the normal zoom fly? I wear a 10.5 in the zoom fly and was curious


Update: both 11 and 11.5 seem to fit pretty well for me in the Mamba V. I train and usually race in 11.5 for Nike. 11 is a bit cramped in the toebox but will ideally stretch out


Yes. Half size up on the SP, upper is tight.