Master Sizing and Fitting Thread


Anyone here worn the LunarSpider R6’s? How do they compare to the Streak LT’s?

I haven’t worn the LunarSpider since the R3 and those used to fit pretty tight. Thanks in advance.


I’ve worn the spider r5, which has the same sole as the r6, and in my experience it fits nearly identical to streak LT 2. I think the LT 3 fits about a half size smaller than these two.


So I may have found myself a pair of yellow/red Jasaris at a more than reasonable price, but they are a size 10, myself generally being a snug 10.5 in almost all spikes. Any insight from Jasari owners if I could squeeze down a half size?


From my experience, anything from the milers and earlier usually requires you to size UP half a size.


Anyone here have any comprison of sizing of the saucony carrera compared to a matumbo or a vic xc2


Looking into buying the Nike Zoom D or Mamba. Any recommendations on fit, weight, and performance? More intrigued by the Zoom D.


What is the sizing like from Nike to Adidas? If it helps I am a 10.5 in the victory 3


Has anyone noticed a change in the sizing for the new Nike Pro Kits? I’ve been wearing size Large Pro Kit split shorts since the '08 series, and just got a Large '16 pair, which are now way too loose/baggy/long. I just found it very odd that they changed the cut as significantly as they did.


Does anyone know how the new Brooks Wire v5 fits in comparison to other spikes like Vics or matumbos?


How do the newer generation Nike pro kit half tights (2016/17) fit compared to the previous ones?


I’m 5’10" and weigh around 140lbs and I wear a size small. My waist is a size 29/30. I’ve heard the sizing changes year by year but hopefully this helps a little bit.


Anyone know how the sizing compares between the Nike victory 2 and the Nike maxcat4? I’m a size 10 in the Vic’s and trying to figure out what size to get in the maxcats


Can anyone advise on Ambition 3 sizing? I’m an 11 in OG Vic, Vic 2, Matumbo 2 and 11.5 in Vic Elite 2.

I tried on Avanti Boosts last year and felt like 11s were too tight and 11.5 too roomy. Are Ambitions the same? Thanks.


Got a quick question for anyone who can help. If I wear a size 10 in Nike streak 6, what size should I get for the Nike streak 6 Flyknit? 10? 9.5?


9.5 will be your best bet


Perfect, thanks!


As somebody who has had both however, the lockdown on the flyknit isnt great. Its sufficient but the regular streak 6 is a better shoe IMO


I’d believe it, but there’s a bunch of Flyknit streaks on eBay. Plus after a Achilles injury earlier in the year I now prefer shoes with less aggressive heel collars, which I believe the Flyknits have


Gotcha yeah its not bad by any means. I have a ton of miles on my flyknit ones. Great shoe youll love it


Thanks for your time and advice @Run_Red just bought myself a pair👍