Master Sizing and Fitting Thread


Wear a size 9 in ASICS GT-2000 2s and a size 9 in Saucony Kilkenny XC 5s. What could I probably go for in Nikes (primarily looking at Matumbos and Vic XCs)?


I’m looking at getting a pair of the Nike pro shorts. Trying to figure out what size to get. I wear a medium in almost all Nike split shorts. Would a medium be my go to?


Probably, although I find the lining to be a bit tighter than usual, and the shorts a bit shorter than most. Neither of those things make much of a difference but if you’re on the fence between medium and large I would size up.


This is accurate. I wear a medium in 99% of all clothes, but nike pro shorts are an exception. I go large in those.

The most recent years I have worn them are the 2012 and 2013 versions, both of which were very snug mediums. Can’t speak to the sizing for 2014 or 2015.


Question about the fit of OG Matumbos vs Vics

I’ve heard that for some people the Vic 1 upper would cause irritation, cuts etc but meanwhile the OG Matumbo upper would be totally fine sockless (presumably because of the different platform it’s attached to). Any truth to this?

Also, has anyone found that going down half a size from OG Vics/Tumbos to Vic 2’s/Tumbo 2’s was something they preferred? Like because the 2nd gen upper was more form fitting or something?



Both irritate my feet, but the plate feels so nice on the OG’s that I don’t care :o

I do go down a half size switching from OG to 2, but it’s not a super huge difference.


I also go down half a size from OG Vics to Vic 2/ Vic Elites. Same thing with matumbos. Love the plate on the original victories.


I’ve had the exact opposite experience, actually – training sessions that last 6+ miles in OG Vics without a single blister or cut, but one 3k race in OG Matumbo’s and I have a blister the size of a half-dollar. No socks in either scenario, FWIW.

The fact that people have had such disparate experiences regarding this stuff just makes me think that it’s very case-by-case. Whether or not you’ll get a blister is dependent as much on your own personal foot shape, strike pattern, etc as it is on the shape and material of the shoe. Trial and error, my friend.

I wear the same size in OG vics/matumbos as I do in matumbo 2’s/vic 2’s/ vic elites. Never noticed much of a discrepancy at all.


Does anyone know how the OG Nike Matumbos fit? Like do they fit just like the OG Nike Vics? Or are they are little big/small? Please let me know, thanks!


I was an 8 in both. The fit was pretty much the same for each.


Hi, all. It’s been a while. Looking to part with an extensive collection of classic Nike spikes as well as an unused 2009 elite speedsuit sz M. Before all of that though, are there any active coupons still floating around for running warehouse or other retailers? Sad day when the old Bomar (sp?) one went down.



If I wear an 8.5 in Peg 31s and that fits perfectly and a 9 in Vic 2 is just a little big, could I get away with an 8 in Matumbo 2? Quick answer would be appreciated don’t have much time.


I wear 8.5 trainers and 8 matumbos, so probably. but everyone is different. I also don’t wear socks and like a tighter fit.


I’m a 8.5 in Vic elites, they’re perfect width but a tad long. I’ve been looking for a pair of milers and found a good deal on a pair of 8s do you think they could work?


Hello, I am new to this so not sure if this belongs here but I recently got a pair of Nike Victory XC 3’s. I began to break them in and they run narrow, and feel kind of tight around the middle since I have kind of wide feet. I was wondering opinions on what to do so they don’t feel so tight (like sock less, etc) since I don’t have opportunity to get a bigger size?


I wear a 9.5 in trainers, what would I wear in vics, matumbos and mambas? Thanks


I wear an 8.5 in Nike trainers and for Vics and Tumbos I wear an 8. Couldn’t say on Mambas, but have heard that Mamba 3s run really small.


How do pro kit shorts fit compared to Nike tempo shorts? I wear a small in tempo shorts and wondering what size to buy/look for.


I’ve found that the pro kit shorts are fairly similar in terms of fit to the tempo shorts, so you should be good with a small.

In case anyone else is wondering, the half tights tend to be a little smaller though, so if you are on the fence between sizes normally, go up to the next size.


THIS! Lots of people on here are looking for half tights and they definitely run small. I made the mistake and bought a pair of Black Nike Pro tights and they’re definitely too small. The singlets I’ve had are pretty true to size minus the tape singlets. The tape singlets run large. I normally fit in a medium singlet, but I can get away wearing a large tape cut singlet.