Master Sizing and Fitting Thread


I think you’ll be good.

Thanks for the suggestion Teddy. Boosted Tempo looks to be right up my alley.


I’m a size 12 in my Victory 2s. Will I be right with a half size up or down in OG Victorys?


flyknit lunar2, shoes are amazing. soft like the kinvara and mirage but the upper is far superior and they’ll last longer. high enough stack height to get you through every day mileage no matter how many miles you’re doing (i’m logging 70-80 rn and they’re money). I’m on my fourth pair. the lunar 3s come out within a few weeks and will have the same sole but an improved upper


My experience has been to go down a half size for OGs, but you could do your normal size also, depending on how tight of a fit you like.


Cool! Thanks for the suggestion, hadn’t really thought about that shoe. I know you’re big on the Nike haha. I’ve never been able to run in any Nike trainer but will give this a try if I can find a store near me to try it on. Also, I’m having trouble finding a heel to toe drop spec on these shoes, do you happen to know what it is off hand?


I run primarily the 3000m. Train in the Nike Zoom Elite in an 8.5, raced in a 8.5 adidas Cadence 2, which fit well but felt inflexibly stiff (not in an aggressive sens), and the Nike Mamba 2 in a 8 that fit well length wise but was a tad bit too narrow. Would it be smarter to go with a 8 or 8.5 in the Vic 2/Matumbo 2?


Go with a 8.5, they run fairly narrow. I wear a size 9 in both my cadence and my matumbos !


@oobie doobie kedoobie

like 8 or 10mm. give them a shot, they’re super legit


I’m a 12 in Celar 5s, could I go an 11.5 in Celar 4s of i plan to wear them sockless?


Don’t know if this has been posted, but anyone know how the New Balance 800 v3s fit? Ordered a 9.5 as that’s what I wear in Matumbos and OG Vic’s, so I’m hoping they fit similar.


I sized down a half size from my Vics, but they fit very snugly (which I like).

For reference, I’m a 11 on a brannock, Kinvaras, Vics, and Streak LT. 11.5 in Brooks Trainers. 10.5 in MD800’s


How do R4s fit? I’m curious as to whether I can go up half a size in comparison to my other spikes.


Does anyone know if the Adidas Ambitions would be good for someone with wider feet?


Coops, I buy my R4s in 9.5, whereas my Prime SPs I wore 9s…They’re a snug fitting spike with great lockdown. I enjoyed mine a lot, I made the switch this season to JA Fly 2s. Hope this helps a bit!


Yes, they do are very wide especially compared to some vics.


Thanks a heap man. I’m probably gonna get Pumas/R4s and Ja Fly 2s. How are the Ja 2s?


I love my JA Fly 2s…the upper is incredible, just as stiff as the R4 just more breathable. Nike’s best update in my opinion!


Hi there. I’m currently looking to replace my Mamba 2s which have developed a few holes after a season of xc.

I have:

size 7.5 OG vics that fit well.

size 8 Mamba 2s fit well lengthwise and in the heel, but I would prefer some more width in the toes, as I think that is why the holes formed.

Size 8 OG Harambees that fit perfectly.

Do you guys think, if I can find another pair of Mamba 2s, that I should go with an 8 again, or go a half size up?



Awesome stuff, I just ordered mine in the White/volt! Getting pink in about a month


I wear a 10 in OG Vics, 10 in Lanangs and 10.5 in Mamba 2s, all sockless. I could probably go a 10 in Mamba 2s.

Could I fit a size 10 Matumbo 2 no socks? Or would it be tighter or looser?