Master Sizing and Fitting Thread


It would probably be a little tight, mine are the same size.


How do kennedy’s fit? more like todays spikes or more like milers and eldo 1s? I usually wear 8/8.5 but always thought I could do bigger for older spikes, wondering if kennedys fit the same.


Usually have to go a half size bigger. I needed to bump from 8 in just about every Nike spike to an 8.5. One of my college roommates had the same thing, but from 9 to 9.5.


Hey guys, i’m a size 8,5 in the pegasus 30 and a size 9 in the streak lt2, og victorys and tumbos. Will a size 9 lunaracer fit well?


9 should be fine; the lunaracers are a little tighter in the toe box than the pegasus, but I’ve found them to be pretty comparable to vics and tumbos.


I’ll go with a 9, thanks !


Do OG tumbos fit similar to vic 2s?


Yes, the vic 2 appears to be a little more comfortable thanks to the upper that’s all !


Adidas Takumi Sen - how does the fit compare to other Adidas or Nike shoes? I’m normally a 10 in Nike Flats, but I went 10.5 in the Adidas Adios Boost 2, so I’m deciding between going up or sticking true to size.


My takumi sens are the same size (8) as my streak lt2’s and adios’ (1&2). That said, they are definitely a little tighter in the toe, so it sounds like you should probably go with 10.5. Being down half a size hasn’t been too much of a problem, but there have been one or two times that I’ve ended up with bloody toes, which is 1-2 times more than I’d like. Otherwise, great shoes, but not as durable as the old rocket, my all-time favorite.


Appreciate the advice.

The Takumi Sen Boost is coming out in February, according to a RunningWarehouse Rep, so I’m excited for the new iteration. Should help with the durability and add a little extra cushioning.


Hi guys, will a size medium Nike tape cut singlet be to big for 173cm mid distance runner?


Do mambas fit similar to vics?


Need some suggestions as an alternative to Saucony Mirage 4. I love this shoe and how it hits the road but after a few miles it feels like my foot is swimming around in it. Length of the shoe is good but it seems like the upper stretches as I go. Any alternatives, similar to this shoe?

(I’ve run in Kinvara and Fastwitch and loved both but neither are durable enough for the kind of mileage I’m running/wanting run).


Give the Saucony ISO Zealot a shot when it comes out. It’s basically a beefed up Kinvara that’ll give you a bit of cushioning.

Alternatively, I love the Adidas Boston Boost, which IMO has a very Kinvara-esque feel while giving you a super long lifespan with the Boost midsole.


Thanks for the suggestions. Definitely have been looking at the Zealot but my only concern is the support issue. I do alright in a neutral shoe but once I get up around 90-100mpw I start having little nagging injuries pop up. Should’ve put this in the previous post but I’m basically looking for something light, with a touch of support, that can handle more than a month of training.


Have you tried the Brooks Pureflow?


Yes, sadly that shoe didn’t work for me. It’s neutral and it felt mushy. Thanks for the suggestion though.


I always have worn the original victory in a size 10, i just got a pair of original matumbos in a size 9.5, do you think Ill have any issue racing in the half size smaller?


adidas adizero tempo (soon to be boost-ed I believe)
Nike Zoom Fly