Master Sizing and Fitting Thread


Hi, i wear size 8,5 US nike superfly r4 and size 8,5 US asics hyper ld (these:

What size should i buy for the nike zoom maxcat 4? I mainly run 100-400/400hs if this might be needed…


Well I do have a fairly narrow foot.


I’m a size 12 in Superflys, Asics I’m generally a size 12, I wear a 12 in my Maxcats as well, so I’d go with an 8.5. The Maxcats give you bad blisters by the way. Because they’re designed for bend running, the plate on each shoe is different, the plate comes up around your forefoot and toes on the left foot and blisters your forefoot bad.


Thanks for the information. do you have any suggestion about possible alternative shoes?


I generally go Adidas, which is generally the Finesse or Accelerator. You could even wear Ja Flys, just really depends on what your foot is like and what you like better. How do you like your Superflys?


Teddy or someone with experience -

Fitting on the Adidas Boston Boost? I’m a size 10 in the Glide Boost but a 10.5 in the Energy Boost 2 and Adios Boost 2.


I wear 11.5 in Nike, New Balance, and Saucony, as well as the Adios. Got a pair of the Boston in 11.5 and they felt tight especially in the toebox when I first put them on. ~1-2 miles into the first run with them and they felt less tight but I could definitely bump up 1/2 size if I needed to.


For some reason the Energy Boost just fits really weird. Boston Boost is more or less normal sizing. I’ve been an 8 in every adidas shoe ever, except for the Energy Boost, where I had to go with a 9. Really impressed with the durability of that shoe, but I hate the fit of the upper. You should be good with a 10 for the Boston Boost.


I kind of had the same issue. I’m usually a 12 in all brands of shoes and most of my Adidas are either a 12 or 12.5, but the Energy boost run a whole size small.


Opinion on flyknits: for racing, go as low as vics/tumbos

walking, 1/2 size up

i.e. i wear 7 in tumbo/vic, would race in 7 flyknits but wear 7.5s casually

to race in flyknits, 1/2 size lower than other nike flats as well


So if I’m a 7.5 in Flyknit Racers and Trainers but a 8 in Lunarglides and Structures, what should I get for Flyknit Free 3.0’s for casual wear? I’m also 7.5 in spikes.
Your response is helpful, but I’m still not sure, because the 3.0s and original free flyknits are tighter and more elastic.


I would go on Running Warehouse and use their Shoefitr app. You put in your current size in any shoe and they’ll tell you what size they recommend for the shoe you’re looking to purchase. It’s never steered me wrong before.


9 OG Victory
9 OG Tumbo
9 Adidas Cadence 2

Pretty much 9 in all my other spikes (Maxcat I and II, Powercat, Streak XC)

What would I be in Vic Elite’s? I tried on a friend’ pair who was a 9 and they felt overly snug, even sockless. I’m thinking of going up to a 9.5, but I’m worried his pair might have just been a bad batch and that a 9 would be fine. For reference his pair was one of original volts green pairs (the first line released). To compound things further, I have a pair of Oregon Project Vic 2’s in a size 9 that fit great.


I’m an 8 in all of the above and an 8 in the vic elites. I didn’t find them to fit any different than expected.


Does your friend have a wider foot than you? They might not have fit properly as the shoe has probably molded around his foot providing him with the perfect fit, rather than you.


I wear a 9.5 in the original victories. Will a 9 vic elite be too small for me? I usually wear socks in my og vics


How much bigger are the half sizes in the Ja Fly’s?


How do Endorphin MD4s fit?
9.5 in Victory Elites
9 in OG Vics
9.5 in Shay XCs
All of these fits are a bit snug, but not tight enough to go another half size up.


They fit fairly similar to OG vics so I would probably stick with a 9.


I wear a 9.5 in og vics… Could I fit into a 9 vic xc?