Master Sizing and Fitting Thread


Looking to get a pair of Mamba 2’s in the near future, anybody have an idea of what my size would be?

OG Vics sz 9
Victory XC 2’s sz 9


I’d stay right at a 9 then.


Getting a pair of matumbos for outdoor. I wear size 11 in streak lts but I wear socks when I train/race in them. If I plan on going sockless with the tumbos should I stick with 11 or go down to 10.5?


I’m a 12 in streak LT’s but always drop down to an 11.5 when I spike up. Fits perfectly that way if you go sock-less.


I’m a 9.5 in the zoom elite 6. What size would that be for the mamba 2 or matumbo 2?


Hiya, I’m size 8.5 (us) in og vics and og mambas will the same size be okay for the mamba 2s? Thanks






Does anybody have an idea of how Vent 2’s fit? I know that the fit of some of the older Nike spikes like Milers can vary so I was just curious. If I am a size 9 in the more recent generations of Nike spikes (Victory’s, Vic XC’s etc.) will that remain the same for Vent 2’s?


Stick to the same sizing as Victory’s, Matumbo’s.


the soles are virtually the exact same as matumbos, so width and length will be the same, but I can’t speak to how tight or lose the upper will be in comparison.


My 11.5 vent 2s fit slightly tighter than my 11.5 tumbos, but my 12 vent 2s are definitely looser. In my experience, it depends how the tumbos fit for how how want your vent 2s.


If I’m a 9 in Vic Elites, Tumbo 2, and Streak XC 2, what would I wear in OG Streak XC’s?


I’m currently running in the nike zoom streak lt1 size 9.5 but I have a thumbs width of room from my big toe to the front of the shoe. Will purchasing the lt2 in 9 be too small or fit right? Also I wear a 9 in the lunar montreal if that helps.


Anyone know how the Mizuno Wave Ekiden flats fit? I fit comfortably in Saucony Kinvara’s at 10.5 and OG Vic and Matumbos at 11, and Adidas Avanti 2 at 10.5 (all sockless).


Hi guys, how do turbospeed half-tights fit compared to classics Nike pro half-tights? :confused:


I’ve heard that OG Vic’s run a 0.5 size big. Should I risk getting an 11.5?


What’s your actual size? And in which spikes?


I’m actually a size 12/12.5. 12 in Vic 2’s, 12.5 in some older Adidas spikes.


they’ll be too small for you, they’re narrow.