Master Sizing and Fitting Thread


Any1 know how these fit? They are the only all white shorts i can find but their all out of medium which is what i usually where. Anyone whose has them let me know what you think


You need to go a size up. I’m a medium in Nike shorts, but the medium in white is way too restrictive and short on me.


Anyone use victory xc2’s sockless?? good or bad idea??


Do-able but I’d still go with a thin pair of running socks, then again that’s my preference for all spikes so…


Do-able but I’d still go with a thin pair of running socks, then again that’s my preference for all spikes so…


they’re spikes. go sockless. yes I’ve done it yes its fine


My size 10.5 pegasus 30 and 10.5 lunarglide 5s fit perfectly.

What size would i be in the lunar racer 3. I have heard the run a bit narrow so should i go a half size up or just order 10.5s ?


selling size 10 arkansas victory’s if interested text me offers



how do Lunaracers 3s fit compared to pegasus. My peg 30s are a 10.5 and they fit perfect. I have heard that the lunaracers fit tight. Should i go a half size up or order my usual 10.5?


I wear 8.5 pegs and 9 lunaracers. 8.5 lunaracers are too small


:smiley: Alright, Thanks


Are your lunaracers the +3’s or a earlier version?


I have an assortment of both, they fit pretty similar


Hey was searching the threads and saw someone posted this site for a pair of all white shorts. Any one ever tried them? Decent quality? How do they fit?


Can’t speak for those, but the ones over at are quite good:


Speaking of Soark, I just want to seriously give big props to them for making me pink shorts by request. Very, very kind of them.


I wear size 11 in my Ventulus 2 and Victory XC. They both fit comfortably, but I was wondering if I could possibly go a size (or half a size) up or down, possibly in the Ventulus Plus, Kennedy, and maybe Jasari. I know they all fit a little differently so I want to try to find the right size. I know some people can wear like a full size up or down.


I wear 12 in matumbo 2. What size does this equal in Cadence 2?


I know not too many people have Jasaris anymore but I am looking to acquire a pair and am not sure if I am picking the right size.
I fit perfectly in:
OG Vics sz 10
Matumbo sz 10
Miler sz 10.5

The milers got me worried because 10’s were too small, I cant really find any fitting guide for Jasaris so I just wanted to make sure if I spend an ass load of money on a pair I get the right size.


Someone can correct me if they feel differently, but 10.5 should be good for you.