Master Sizing and Fitting Thread


You mean here?

It is from the little circles of tougher material used for the lace holes. I just put two pieces of 3M Micropore tape on top. I doesn’t cost that much and the roll seems to last forever.


Depending on how bad it is, bodyglide might work. It won’t stop something from slicing your foot open, but other than that it can do pretty much anything. You won’t get blisters if you’re wearing bodyglide.


That’s exactly the place. Micropore sounds like a plan i’ll get on it cheers


Vic Elite same as OG Vic and Matumbo? Also, do you know where they still have the red ones in size 10 or so? (apart from ebay …)


first to the finish. go today enter the code may30 and theyll cost you 118. but the sale ends tonight


Thanks, but they don’t have a size 10 any more. Any idea where else I could get them?


try eastbay, fitness sports, duck pond athletics, go on google shopping and type it in there will be a bunch of places that still have them


I wear Size 11 Matumbos and they fit pretty snug. What size do I need in original Vics? I’ve been reading that they fit large and that I need 10.5, is that correct?


size 11 would probably work fine… I think that 10.5 might be a bit tight. I wear 10.5 matumbos and 10.5 vics.


my vics and matumbos have always been the same size and fit more or less the same, so 11 should be right.


thanks guys, I’m going with 11. Going for og Vics instead of Vic 2s, any opinions there? (this is probably the wrong thread for that though…)


Hey guys, I am a size 10.5 in matumbos, 11 in og vics (but they fit a little loose), and 11 in vic xcs. What size would I be in og orange mambas? I have heard that they fit snug compared it vics


I have the og mambas in size 11. A have few spikes in 10.5 but the mamba is a snugger fit compared to the vic and matumbo, I would go with an 11.


thank you


Just as a pointer to all you potential buyers, the new nike zoom victory xc 2 runs about a half a size larger so if you are a 9 go with the 9.5 in vic xc


how do vic elites fit compared to OG victory track spikes, matumbo, and mamba?


In my opinion, slightly larger. My size 10 vic 2’s and vic elites fit about the same as my 10.5 og vics/matumbos/mambas. (maybe the tiniest bit more snug for the vic 2’s/elites).


Has anyone tryed on a pair of flyknit frees? How do they fit compared to your usual nike sizing? I assume they will be quite tight so maybe go up .5?


Probably won’t get much response before 8/1 which is the hard release date for many running stores.


How is the sizing on OG Vic XC’s? Is it the same as OG track Vics and 'Tumbos? I’m a snug, tight (sz.9) fit in OG Vics and 'Tumbos. Should I go with size 9 in the OG Vic XC or go up to 9.5?