Master Sizing and Fitting Thread


size 10 victory elite, size 10.5 endorphin ld3

what size mamba would i be?




imo go a half size down from your OG victories to mambas, thats how its always worked for me


Sizing for flyknit racer? I’m a size 11 lunaracer, 10.5 saucony kinvara, and 10 NB RC5000 (for training shoes)


fit very similar to lunaracers.


flyknit racers fit virtually the same as lunaracers


Whats the consensus on how Milers size? If I’m a 9 in vics, tumbos, OG maxcats and maxcat 2s, what would I be in milers? Still a 9 or 9.5?

  1. I’m a 10.5 in vics, tumbos, and milers they all fit the same IMO


I’d go half size up for Milers/Eldorets/Jasaris.

I wear 10’s in Vics, Tumbos, and 9.5 in Vic 2’s, but my 10 Milers are REALLY tight on my feet. Can’t use them for more then 800m or so.


i wear 8 victory’s, which are a tight fit, and 8.5 milers which fit the same. if i had to id wear 9 before i wore an 8. the material of the toes of the milers wont stretch or mold to your foot and if you buy them too small they rub really badly.


Size for Streak LT’s?

LunarGlide+ 4 - 10 US
Pegasus 28 - 9.5 US
Victory (no socks, perfect fit) - 9 US

Shoefitr on runningwarehouse suggests either 10.5 or 11. Size 11 sounds really big to me!


Wut… go with a 9 or 9.5 man… something is wrong there. I’m size 10.5 vics and 10.5 streak


Definitely go 9. I’m a 10 in 'tumbos and a 10.5 in the streaks was a little big on me.


Streak what? 4? XC/LT?


Just recently started wearing Nike again after a long hiatus. I’ve been rotating a few pair of Pegasus +28 & 29. Been wearing size 10.5 with the Pegasus w/ no problems. Want to pick up either a pair of Vomero 7 this week, or the Nike Zoom Elite (prob. last year’s model, not the ZE 6). Running Warehouse’s ShoeFitr is suggesting I buy size 11 for both the Vomero and Zoom Elite. Most of the shoe’s I’ve worn in the past 15 years have been either size 10 or 10.5.

Size 10.5 or size 11?


I’d say go with 10.5. I picked up the Zoom Elites a month ago and got an 11 which is what I wear for all Nike shoes, and most shoes in general, and it fits fine. If you use orthoses then it might be best to go up half a size though.


XC 3, but I’m pretty sure nothing changed between that and the LT


I’m guessing this would be be the place to ask this. I wear my tumbo’s and victory’s sockless for racing and training (depending on the session) as they fit way better and anyone who wears socks with them is pretty much branded a tool. Only issue is I get horrific rubbing on top of my foot at the base of my big toe (especially with the tumbos). Pretty much annihilated my feet in an easy 5k at the weekend. Is there any way to stop it i.e. Vaseline (petroleum jelly) or am I just gonna have to spend a fortune on anti blister band-aids (compeed)?


you could wear socks and not give a flying **** about being labeled a tool but i suppose vaseline would work

  1. I’d recommend you grow up and realize that if going sockless shreds your feet, maybe you’re an idiot for knowingly hurting yourself all in the name of following a trend.

  2. Moleskin. $5 for a roll at a drug store/pharmacy, slap some on your foot where it rubs.