Master of the Playground - 2011


After almost 1 full calender year of tracktalk being in existence, it’s time we have another of these tournaments. I can run the tournament. Right now I’m working on seeds for everyone. I’m not going to include posters that haven’t had any recent activity. Well guys, the tournament is underway.


I’m in. I’m the 1 seed in the Chupacabra region. Thanks in advance.


You have a tendency to take what was once a good thing, attempt to recreate it, and beat it like a deadhorse.

You’re like the

of these guys


Here’s my list so far.
1. Otis Moulmein
2. Funnage
3. BigBo
4. 4gotN
5. eh000
6. KKreme15
7. skurey
8. Doc Awesome
9. Yoshi
10. Mighty Mouse
11. WineTurtle
12. Evilution
13. reee
14. therunner12
15. Crystazul
16. phrisbee
17. Orthostice
18. $0.02timmy / Leonard Verney
20. Team Orange
21. DirtyRobe
22. usnspecialist
23. chubs
24. Alyshaw22
25. Steeple923
26. SprintsFTW19
27. Leftfielder
28. okko
29. xcworldchamp
30. ERferg
31. The Saint
32. Davy Jones
33. terrywuzhere
34. young money
35. DonnieDarko
36. geds
37. amw2829
38. Cocakula
39. Milesofsmiles15
40. kick’em.down
41. jtrain54
42. HappyJack
43. BlackIrish
44. runxc6792
45. PenultimateStep
46. Picc5455
47. mtownxc07
48. tb1223
49. hjfrick
50. Kail3y
51. hoegher
52. xsprinterx
53. inyoface
54. Billy Sheers
55. MNpride
56. Bobbywelcome012#6
57. Fitzxc27
58. njrunz
59. The Hammer
60. sum_bum

61-64 will be determined by a vote in


Please tell me those aren’t the seeds.


I would ROFLMAO if skurey were a 2 seed. skurey should win the tournament. For the lulz.


They aren’t. I just put down as many posters I could think of in the order they came to mind, then read recent threads to get the last couple.


This tournament hasnt been good since the IL version that got ruined by xcwc. The first PG version was ok, but that is only because we had a collaboration to decide the seeds and run the damn thing.


I’m in.


Honestly, we put in a ton of work to make this happen in 2010 or 2009? don’t remember, and even then it ended up being very average, nothing amazing. That was back on the stat where you could have 64 posters in something like this and still have over 100+ posters not involved who could vote. You basically include every single poster if you try to do it on here.


I demand to be removed from this event.


yeah lol at me being a 2 seed. i’m pretty clearly the #1 overall.


I demand to be hated


im in. maybe i can lose to WiT again




i support this. endure the criticism, Leonard.


i remember spending something like 7 hours over 2 days simply to get the seeds right with some of the others involved (i know jacksparrow was involved for all of it, and DCsolorunner, watchout and i think AJ were in there as well). That doesnt even factor in everything once the tournament actually started.


All we need is to have 4-6 people rank the final list of participants, take the average, and seed accordingly.


i’m 12 and what is this


What is this tournament about and what are the chances that i can be in it???