Master Good/Bad Seller Thread


Another great transaction with @Savethechief2011 - can’t recommend enough!


@iwpu13 Prompt payment, 10/10


Great seller responds very fast!


Has anyone ever bought something from Historicrunning on Instagram?


I have, very good seller, and quick.




Yep, seconded on that one. Fair with pricing as well


@huntbliss Fast payment and communication 10/10


@historicrunning was a great buyer. Clear communication and quick payment. Would happily work with him again.


@gmtheearth Great seller, fast processing!
@SMNRunner Very fair trader, fast processing too!
Would recommend both of these guys.


Big props to @runtoday as well. Trustworthy and fair - got me tracking codes and shipped quickly! Couldn’t have asked for a better transaction.


Great transaction with @evans3200 quick communication and fast shipping


Well, is time to collaboration…

As people knows I am one of the @trackandfieldclothes Instagram/Facebook Profile (eBay user name C081123D) owner. We are getting pro elite/international team gear since 2007 with a 100% positive feedbacks from people from worldwide. No exceptions. Actually we have over 21k followers on instagram and over 7k on facebook. Stopped our selling activity on eBay because their high selling fees, but people can see there our 100% positive votes in over 1000 deals there.

Ok, knowing that… I just wake up with some of our followers messages on our Inbox advising that “@historicrunning” profile is posting sh** about us. Saying “don’t recommend do business with @Trackandfieldclothes”. Some of my rated buyers asked them why he is posting that (I never saw this profile before) and they are saying we are not trustful and we post fake items who don’t have… (we always post items with out watermark, picture took myself, you can see on 90% same photo background). THAT’s RIDICULOUS!!!

We never talk bad about other profiles which are trying to do the same as we do, and don’t want to start a ridiculous war now. Just advising what’s that profile doing. Now, you decide.

Thanks in advance.


From a customer perspective, I’ve bought from @arjouns and received my items with no faults. Moreover, I’ve had many friends who have also purchased from him. He is very reputable and is legit from my experiences. I recently saw the Instagram story from @historicrunning denouncing the trackandfieldclothes page. Was curious what the situation was and decided to message both pages(historicrunning & trackandfieldclothes). There seems to be “two sides of the story” and the whole ordeal is kinda shady. From the things I’ve heard, RS Elite is also involved. Additionally, many people have already bought from @historicrunning and RS Elite with good feedback. Not sure what this whole situation is tbh.


I saw that last night and thought it was unfair. Actually reached out to tell them that.

I’ve only ever had positive experiences with @arjouns . He’s got great gear and is always willing to search for me.

Not sure how RS Elite is involved, but I will say I was treated pretty poorly by them last week. Prettymuch revolves around them attacking me because I wanted $150 for my new 2014 shorts. I’m not saying that’s not a high price, but as we all know pro kit gear is worth whatever someone is willing to pay.


A few weeks ago you called out someone on here haha


Agreed! Seems like bad blood for sure! No one will know why either side is upset.


Arjouns - You blocked me from accessing your page on FB and Instagram and Blocked RS Elite.

I know a friend who tried to sell you an item, you offered a very low price and said you had a medium of it in your collection and didn’t need it but then I know someone else quizzed you on the same jacket and you said you didn’t have it!!

I have heard of many stories where you say you can get an item from your supplier without having the item in your hands and that supplier was someone selling the item to you through Instagram or FB or even someone on eBay.

I have photos to prove it as well but I won’t go there!!


Well, maybe you want to start a war between us and sorry, I won’t help you on that. Just want to do our own way with respect for the people.

I block you and RS profile because on past you tried to copy my profile model on RS. Copying my item descriptions changing the size with what you have. On more, following my followers to get more followers. That’s why you, RS and Sheridan were banned. I am not worried about that because we can do the same thing, but man, RESPECT. That’s the only thing I wanted.

Next question: we open an eBay profile in 2007 and started on facebook and instagram years ago. People love what we do and that’s why we have over 21k followers only on instagram, for example. Never scammed anyone.
When a profile haves 21k followers, ton of messages from people offering their items arrive everyday. Some of them offering nice items and we help him/her (only rated seller/supplier, so we are 100% secure we will get the item) to sell the item on our profile. If someone ask for this item then we deal with both parts for a little fee. All three happy.

How we get all this stuff? Easy! After more than 15 years collecting this kind of gear and more than 10 years offering them to our people, we got lot of nice contacts (pro athletes, managers, coaches and people who have access to them). They offer what they have to us and we deal with them, when the items arrives, we take some pictures and post on our profiles. No secrets, easy to understand. Sometimes, we look the market in another places like eBay and if someone is interesting to our people then we offer the item on flash IG stories. If someone wants it, we explain we have to get it before and when the item arrives, will post.

REPEAT: more than 10 years offering pro elite gear to our followers and 100% positive feedbacks. Nothing more to demostrate.

About the “famous jacket”: It’s ridiculous. Someone asked us if we want it. We send him our offer, he did’t accepted and that’s all for us. What’s the problem?
On curiosity: days after that a fake profile (no posts, no followers) offer us 700€ for this jacket. At same time, another fake account saying his friend haves this jacket and it’s 300€. Wow! easy to win 400€ in a minute right? Well… I am not stupid and knows both of them are the same person. So we block them. Do you know who is the jacket owner? Yes, RS… (mick1990). I am tired about this situations. Why you don’t forget us and try to do your own way? That’s all. You on your way, we on our own way. Respect and that’s all.


Wow dudes !

As mentioned before on other post the gear you are selling is worth as much as one is willing to pay !

I guess both of you have high prices which I can’t afford for example but you are just trying to do business which is understandable !

However I can’t talk bad about any of you I bought from both of you and everything went as described !

I know you are in a competition who is selling what for what price but stay clean !

Kind regards and keep up your work