Master Good/Bad Seller Thread


Ditto to @Sit_And_Kick - fast payment and great communication!


A few tips regarding buying:

After an experience that my uncle had (twice with the same seller), I would caution you in making deals with sellers sending you emails/contacting you regarding kit for sale. They may pretend to act as a broker/middleman, when in fact they do not have the item(s) in hand. In my uncle’s case, the items were being sold by a completely different person on eBay (that had no idea who the seller was that contacted my uncle). When confronted, this seller that contacted my uncle then pretended that he had been asked to sell the items in question. Again, the eBay merchant refuted this claim wholeheartedly. Further, when contacted by a seller, ask for a set price; and do not be entrapped by the “make an offer” reply. A reasonable seller wil find a price that benefits both parties. If something seems strange, then it probably is. If you feel as though your seller is dishonest, DO NOT do further business with them then or ever again, no matter the item offered. Lastly, ask for pictures of the items to prove that they have them. Do your homework by looking for that same item and pictures on eBay or other like sites- they might be attempting to buy the item low and then resell to you for a significant profit. In my uncle’s case, the seller that had contacted him sent the exact pictures that were on eBay. Just some points to keep on your mind. We all enjoy collecting here, and should watch out for each other.



Not calling anyone out but there is an eBay seller who does the same thing… they literally use the photos from TrackTalk and try to sell items they don’t own on eBay for a profit. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!


@Savethechief2011 extremely great and friendly seller, great authentic stuff! Will definitely be doing business again in the future! A+++


@Collin_Humphreys good buyer fast payment would recommend to all


Another great transaction with @Savethechief2011 ! Can’t recommend enough!


Bought a few items from @Savethechief2011 and @joeyb724, both excellent sellers! Would definitely recommend and buy from them again!


@Runner97 @Collin_Humphreys both great buyers.


@joeyb724 Great seller with fast shipping


@runtoday Great seller 10/10!!


@Cali_runner and @ny_runner Both great to do business with and fast communication!


@blakexc1997 @Collin_Humphreys Great business, although there was just a bit of miscommunication with the tracking details. Big ups for Collin, even though he wasn’t directly related to the purchase he indirectly helped answer questions relating to this purchase.


@Wunderlustking was a great seller and I’d definitely buy from him again. Good communication, prompt shipping, and the item arrived as expected.


Props to @RUN_610 and @Steve_Whittemore for being quick and hassle-free buyers. I appreciated their communication and painless transactions.


Any time!! The half tights are sleek!


Great transaction with @Collin_Humphreys quick with communication and shipped fast. 5 star yelp rating.


@Wunderlustking Good communication - Even though it was on another platform. 10/10


@Gater Very very fast shipping! Great to deal with


Great transaction with @eas


Great transaction with @Cali_runner - great seller!