Master Good/Bad Seller Thread


+++ for KingBau.

Item was shipped promptly (and packed well), and it was exactly as described.

Would recommend to all!


I’m putting a really strong positive word in for RS Elite on behalf of my cousin in The States. He recently ordered some Team GB issue Nike tights and Rosa Storm Fit warm ups, and they both look incredible in the pics. Big thumbs up for RS Elite out of OZ. GT


Bit late on posting this but
+++++ to SMNRunner, sold me some spikes and shipped them out asap + super easy to deal with!


big ups to @SMNRunner - great product, fast shipping, easy to do business with.


++ @Maul and @afv

Maul was a prompt payer and good communicator. First time I’ve had to ship internationally, so thanks for making the process easy on me (I am SO sorry about customs, btw).

AFV and I exchanged gear - product was awesome, delivered fast, and communication was easy.

Would happily recommend these guys on the boards.


++++ for TigardRunner. Very responsive and very quick shipping. Highly recommend!


Huge Positive goes out to @TigardRunner. Great seller fast shipping


Big props to @722, fast shipping, fair price, and great communication. I’d most definitely buy from him again.


My tip of the day:

Stay away from tfstore on eBay. I jokingly made an offer of $85 on a Rosa & Co. singlet and should’ve known something was off when he actually accepted the offer (It was up for $155 originally). Singlet came with at least 7 stains on it and pin holes everywhere. After looking at his feedback, it appears others have had a similar issue.

Buyers beware!!!


want to report this item because it is listed as a men’s and it is for women’s (closed on armpits). Maybe he is confused or maybe seller knows that and is trying to gave a better selling price:


What do you mean by closed on armpits? Just wondering.


I think he means “close around armpits”. IRRC, English isn’t Arjoun’s native language.

Anyway, I think he’s trying to say that the singlet is cut so it fits close to the armpit Men’s singlets leave a much larger gap under the arm.


Thanks for your help with the leanguaje. True, it’s not my native leanguaje… sorry to everyone ehehehe.


Don’t worry about it. You and I are certainly not the only ones in this position. GT




+++ for garrett2013

Product was perfect, and shipping was super quick. Great to do business with.


Really happy with my transaction with @afv. He is the man and I would do business again in a heartbeat.

On the other hand, I am warning all of you buyers to stay away from Evan Scully on eBay (ev10k). He has some Oregon Track Club stuff up for sale which he claims is for charity. I bought a singlet and it arrived completely damaged when it was described as being in “perfect condition”. He has refused to refund me money calling me “heartless” for wanting my money back. I know I will get my money back with the eBay claim, just annoying that I have to deal with that.


thanks @Samminer94 appreciate it. same goes for him from a seller’s perspective - great buyer, good communication, quick payment. hope to transact in the future!


We all expected good feedback about afv, but what a pity regarding Scully. He’s actually a very nice guy, though I met him only once in Dublin. He’s got cystic fibrosis, and is a top physio for a lot of European athletes. He worked exclusively for makhloufi in 2015, and most recently with the Robertson twins in Kenya. However, a crap seller is a crap seller. Thanks for the warning.



I wanted to love the singlet, I really did. Got really excited about it coming and was really let down when it arrived. He tried to make me feel like it was my fault. But when something is described as “perfect condition” you don’t expect any issues, especially not like that with the seam. Most sellers will tell you if there are even pinholes. I think the lesson that can be learned is to describe everything and take as many photos as possible when selling. Prevents this from happening. Now it is just a pain for both of us.