Master Good/Bad Seller Thread


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Anyone worked with “Twist” before?

I was talking to him, worked out a price, and I paid him for some gear. He sent me a tracing number in only a few hours but the number just says “A shipping label has been prepared for your item at 4:56 pm on July 20, 2015 in EDISON, NJ 08817.”

It has not changed since Monday (07/20/15).

He hasn’t responded to my PM I send but he has logged on several times.



I’ve bought off Twist several times and always been very satisfied. From my experience with him, he’s one of the more reliable sellers around here.

IIRC, that message means he used the USPS website to schedule pickup for your package. They assigned it a tracking number, but it isn’t actually in the system yet. The tracking info will show up when the package is in USPS hands and gets scanned. That should happen within 24 hours of being picked up/dropped off, when it passes through the first post office or sorting center. Maybe it’s a glitch, or maybe Twist didn’t get around to mailing it yet (iirc, he travels a fair bit). Hopefully, it’s a glitch.

Anyway, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I’ve never worried about getting stuff from Twist


Great to hear!

All the prior feedback on here was positive so I was surprised I haven’t received a reply.


Speaking of great sellers, got a package from Kamau yesterday. Great guy to deal with. I’ve bought from him several times and never been disappointed. Communication was good, price was more than fair, item was great, and shipping was super fast. Package was shipped from Ireland. Had it in-hand less than a week after I sent payment.

All in all, great transaction. Kamau’s probably my favorite active seller on TrackTalk.


wrong thread.


I purchased an item on eBay just over 3 weeks ago, I have written to the seller multiple times asking where my package is, he told me it sat in the post office then eventually was delivered back to him. He said he would resend it but i have not heard back the last 3 days. Do you think I should file a claim?
Also i hope this is the correct thread, didn’t see another would this would fit into.


Just finished up a liquidation of my spike collection, and all of the sales went great. The below users were all easy to communicate with and prompt in paying. All are highly recommended!



I’ll in turn vouch for Robbyjca above. Very easy and quick to communicate with, and the spikes arrived to me less than five days after I first messaged him.


Jep, awesome guy. Also outstanding is Cristhian Arjonilla. My cousin picked up a Rosa elite warmup suit from him, and it is unreal. I just saw pics of it today. Kudos to both! GT


A+ 10/10 would recommend robbyjca. Great communication, no problems, got the spikes today!


Sold a singlet to Eas. Fast on responding and fast to pay. Transaction happened without a hitch. Wish he would buy all my stuff! lol


Great transaction with GT’s cousin, quick responses, timely communication, on time shipping. Would buy stuff from again.


+1 to mindmischief. purchased item over the weekend I believe and received Wednesday. second time purchasing from him. Thanks!


+1 to Benjamin_Ziegler, good communication, good shipping, good all around


Awful buying experience with Richard Zarazua. Bought a vapor jacket from him and received no confirmation that the item was shipped. Then he refunds me saying that I text too much. I think as a buyer I have a right to ask for a tracking number on a $200 jacket. Be wary of doing business with him.


Rich has sold me multiple pairs of spikes with zero issue. The guy doesn’t send a thousand emails and doesn’t respond instantly but that doesnt make him not trust worthy. believe me, the dude is fine, maybe a hard ass on pricing, but a legitimate seller none the less.


Just speaking from personal experience. Purchased a jacket and didn’t get it only got a refund without much of an explanation. I know another buyer on here who has had a problem with him before. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy. I’m just saying I purchased a jacket and he didn’t deliver.


+++ to arjouns as always

Excited to wear this during indoor


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