Master Good/Bad Seller Thread




Double wat


+1 to greatestgee as a seller awesome communication, fair price, quick shipping, delicious pink matumbos. What more can you ask for?


What Boris is doing is called “shill bidding,” and in the US it is prosecutable fraud if done on a large enough scale.

Attempting to scam eBay users into paying 100 or 200 extra dollars for track gear probably won’t grab the attention of the police, but users on this site should be advised that it is illegal, and expressly prohibited in eBay’s User Agreement. If you feel that you’ve been taken advantage of by this guy (unlikely here, since all of us regulars are fairly sophisticated buyers) you will probably have success if you bring a grievance with eBay. That website is increasingly buyer-friendly, and it is likely that they will help you out.


Hei now…please don’t run off Boris. Besides arjouns, he has just about the best items for sale. Unless you have an elite contact, where else would you buy the items that they provide? I understand why someone would be disgruntled at auto bidding, but someone would also have to be fairly focused to end up spending $375usd on a purple camo shirt. No one forced them to set their high bid there. I can see both sides, but PLEASE don’t ruin your access to rare items. GT


I agree with GT. No one is forcing you to spend that kind of money. Boris has the best selection to exclusive elite gear and it is going to be expensive. He’s not scamming anyone, just profiting off of rare items. You can’t blame him for that.


What I may not have made clear is that nobody actually IS bidding those amounts on those items. Shill bidding is where the bidders act at the direction of the seller – so as to artificially inflate the price. Like I said before - shill bidding is usually only a big problem in the context of selling a house or a car. For small items like track clothing, it’s not a huge deal. But it is still dishonest. And the whole point of this particular thread is to say who is honest and responsible, and who is not.

My opinion on it is simply this: if he’s willing to orchestrate shill bidding, what other dishonest things is he willing to do?


I’ve dealt with Boris on more than one occasion. He was honest, forthcoming, and sold a great product as advertised. My own personal experience is all that I can draw upon. GT


I was just asking the community opinion.
I saw that prices and Is not the first time he did it. Have 2 or more eBay accounts to autobid on their listings and sometimes one person trust this auction and bid for it. But 75% times, he relist the item after sell it in a big price because the winner is himself (obviously). I deal with him on past for a reasonable price for an item for my collection but that time… I think is suspicious.


I can vouch for Boris. He does currently have the best selection of elite kit ! I currently have a set of tights on the way for myself.
You will never ever 100% be able to prove if he has fake accounts boosting the prices up !

If you have a problem with his bids on eBay, why not just drop him a message. I’ve found that he will see you right on price.


+++ TaylerBlake

Quality buyer, prompt payment, easy to work with!


I am not sure if he is on here, but I had a terrible transaction with Mike Sayenko aka sup1984 on ebay. Sold me “great condition” and “worn once” OG vics which were stained, starting to rip, and with the insoles coming all unglued in the front of the shoe.


“Track and Field clothes” has done it again, helping a brotha out to get some sweet shorts. always at a reasonable price. RECOMMENDED +++


great buyer, true to his word :smiley:


Thank you, thumbs up to you as well! Probably the quickest transaction and shipment I’ve had from purchasing off here.

Looking forward to receiving the shorts today, thanks again!



Shipped the same day as payment.


+The_Conductor. Quick payment, great communication. Highly recommended.

  • Arjouns

First time dealing with an international seller, but he made things smooth and I got the product as described. Would recommend to others.

  • xc_tf


+Mr.Mile97 bought his Nike+ Watch, arrived very quickly and exactly as described. Wouldn’t hesitate to deal with again.