Master Good/Bad Seller Thread



Bought a 2011 Tape cut singlet off him via Ebay. I received it Super fast from Russia to the USA. There was a small rip that was not mentioned in the listing. Partly my fault that I did not confirm the condition, but that would be something personally I would disclose. However, its not that big of a deal, it is an easy fix with some thread and a needle so I am still happy with the purchase, I have been hunting this singlet for 3 years now, feels good to get it finally.


Anyone dealt with Miler66?


Bought a few things off him this week

So far seems very good with posting and giving me the tracking number alomg with being extremley helpful


Looks like this guy’s at it again !
Messaged me not really showing interest in anything in paticular and only wanting to do trades.

A quick look at his facebook and a google of his name it’s apparent that he is actually a Hurdler for the US youth olympic team, you would’nt expect this from someone who is lucky enough to get handed top gear !

Be careful all …



Your battery’s low.




+++Twist. Great communication and quick transaction!


Has anyone bought from “donald” before?
Please respond asap, it’s not that I don’t trust him (or her) but I just want to be sure.
Let me know, thanks in advance guys!


++ KartStar92

Very professional, fast shipping w/ tracking code, item in condition described. Would always recommend to others.


Anyone ever bought anything from a guy called john thuo from kenya ?

I believe he is an elite marathon runner.


+++ to TigerDrunner as a seller. Responded to messages and shipped very quickly
+++ to Lifeinshorts as a buyer.


Donald was a great seller, communicated well and sent my package quickly. Would buy from again.


Has anybody bought spikes from I’m thinking of buying some R3s from there but I’m not sure if I can trust them.


They’re great - bought some OG matumbo’s in my size (praise Jesus) from them just a few months ago.

Showed up here in Colorado faster than I expected, too.


Very trustworthy. I order from them a couple times each year. Never had a problem.


Awesome! Thanks for that, they seem to have heaps of good old stock, and who doesn’t love that?


Dudes, what’s the scoop on runner212324?
Keeps sending me messages, getting pretty upset about me selling shorts to someone who offered $5 more than him (and offered before him…)


I ain’t even mad though.
My review on TigardRunner: good items and fast responses, would recommend


lukefrancis 95: Can someone give me references about this person?


He doesnt like replying to email’s thats one thing…

Im guessing you saw his list of items for sale.