Master Good/Bad Seller Thread


Kamau did everything perfect. We have very strict custom. Next time i will do two payment(one low and one bigger) to show the custom the custom the lowest one. Thank you Kamau again for everything. Looking forward to make new deal :slight_smile:




Has anybody bought from riaden?


Twist = A++

Absolutely great communication, fast responses, great prices, shipping was fast and tracking number provided.

Overall an excellence seller, would definitely do business with Twist again!


722 is a great seller, fast communication and very fast shipping A++++


Anybody ever buy from before?

they’re the only place I can find some OG matumbos in my size.



I’ve bought from them a number of times and had the package shipped to the US. Never had a problem with them.


Great website!


thanks guys!


722 and mick1990. Very honest and trustworthy guys.
Absolutely recommended.


Can anyone give me some info on Is it a legitimate site??


Legit. Might take a while to ship but my Maxcats I ordered from their are in pretty good quality. Came as new with no defects apart from a tiny bit of discolouration from age.


Thanks Coops!! Just got a pair of the red Puma Complete Theseus! Really excited!


Lucky man


Currently in the US. Anybody know any good places in either NYC, Pennsylvania, Washington DC or Atlanta to buy spikes? Or even trainers?


Anybody ever bought anything from arigsxc12?


i ordered a pair of pink mambas from arjouns, he is a very nice guy, and they arrived in the condition described. after receiving the payment, he shipped immediately and the shipping was also very quick considering it only took 8 days to reach me in NY, from Spain.


++++ to Twist. Great communication, great prices, will purchase from again.


Hello guys, is a good site to order spikes shoes? I read so many negative reviews about their service… I’ve checked finishline, firsttothefinish, eastbay, footlocker, my size is out of stock and currently, only dickssportinggoods have my size. let me know!
*if anyone knows any online track stores in the US, let me know as well!


Dick’s is a big chain. I’ve use them fairly regularly and never had a problem. Don’t order much running gear from them - mostly basketball and soccer gear for my kids - but shipping and service has always been very good. You probably won’t have any problems.