Master Good/Bad Seller Thread



Good buyer. Easy to deal with, paid quickly


++ to AT Track as a buyer. Sold him a half zip and he communicated fast and payed quickly. A pleasure talking and selling to. Would love to do business with again!


+++ for Speedynash. Of the 3 purchases I’ve made on the site, he was the best seller by far. Great prices, lightning shipping, would go out of my way to do business with him again


Bought a pro kit from Altituderunner7. Great guy to deal with. Kit was as advertised, he shipped promptly, and communication was superb. Just an all-around great guy to deal with. No reservations about dealing with him again in the future.


Wunderlustking: I hate to give anyone a bad wrap on here but I feel the need to bring this to attention. I purchased a pair of spikes from Wunderlustking 5 weeks ago. I still have not received the item. I’m a patient guy and so after waiting about 2 weeks I asked if he was able to get the spikes sent out, to which he replied that he was low on money, would get paid by the end of the week and have the spikes sent out (“cool, no problem” was my thought). I understand that most young runners probably aren’t in the best financial situation but I just paid for the spikes; use that money to ship the shoes. So with no spikes or any word on what was happening, I sent him another PM on letting him know that I would be leaving for college soon and would need to switch the shipping address (this was 5 days ago and I’ve received no word on the status of the spikes).

This isn’t really a negative review so much as I just want to bring something to light for those of you looking to purchase from him.

I have dealt with Wunderlustking before and everything went perfectly fine so I still trust this guy. Just getting a little antsy on getting my spikes.

722: A++. Absolutely would buy from again. Fast communication, shipping, and the whole bit. Seems like a great guy and was willing to work with me on the deal.

Haven’t seen the item yet since I sent it to my apartment at college but I trust that it is as described.


I’m have the same issue with Wunderlustking except I paid for spikes a singlet and some shorts about two months ago.


Altituderunner7: Perfect deal with him. Trustly seller, fast shipping and kind. Recommended.


A++ Twist

Was very accommodating for me, got me a tracking ID, and shipped the shorts promptly and in the stated condition. Really happy with him. He’s your go-to if you need retail Adidas gear at a bargain price.


Wunderlustking: purchased Nike pro kit shorts… took 3 weeks of back and forth with excuses… Mainly that “oops I sent them to wrong address” … after a month finally received shorts… And they were not the correct size!? As shown in picture and classified “Size S”, he sent me “Size M”… His response, Blake Wysocki come on dude…


It’s been about 2 months and I still haven’t got my stuff from Wunderlustking


Same here


Cpxc2015 -> Amazing deal with him. Serious and trustly person. Very kindness and communicative. Recommended.


+1 tg96

Flawless transaction all around. Highly recommended.


Big thanks to arjouns
Recently did a part exchange for an item. Arjouns was honest and told me as soon as my item had arrived and immediately sent the new tracksuit out.

Easy transaction highly reccomend him


I finally received my item, more than a month after purchase. But the item is in such a poor state it went straight to the bin.

I should have been more careful when I saw his first email. Never uses the words “thanks”, “please”, etc… absolutely rude. Plus, of course he never apologised for being so late.

Avoid at all costs.



CAUTION!!! He is not a trustly seller. We closed a deal after 1 day talking and when the payment was sent, he said me that the items will be shipped in one week because he is in another city (never talk about it before). Then, he said me that he is selling the items from his friends (se he don’t have them on his hands) and they disagree our deal (345€uros for a tracksuit and kit). Finally, brokes our closed deal and made a refund. NON RECOMMENDED, sorry.

  • Everyone knows that I am rated seller/collector/buyer, for this reason I put my feedback here to show the people my bad experience with him. Dislike this wasting times…


Super buyer! Fast and kindess. Recommended! Thanks friend.


+1 for Kamau

I have dealt with Kamau before and this was another very positive transaction. He was reasonable and very fast with my order. I definitely recommend him for any future buyers!


+1 for Kamau. Very quick shipment to Slovenia. Unfortunately I had to pay import taxes :frowning:


+1 for zk1993.

Sorry about the taxes. There was nothing on the envelope to suggest it was valuable. For anyone who might be concerned about buying from me, I haven’t heard of this happening with my stuff in any other country I’ve sold to (USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Sweden, Belgium, Australia and some others I can’t remember off the top of my head)


Got to deal at least three times with Kamau (always went perfectly, very trustworthy man) and i’ve never had any taxes. You were not lucky zk1993. (I live in France).