Massachusetts Outdoor T&f 2010


Ok, lets get this thing off the ground B)

Holliston senior Justin Murray kicked off the competition with a first-place finish in the 400-meter hurdles in 58.5 :smiley: seconds, and later finished first in the 800 (2:01.9).
Jeremy Cwieka won the 100 (11.3) and 200 (23.0) in Chicopee


Glad you came over to track talk!


anyone running haverhill invite this weekend?


Feehan 99, Coyle-Cassidy 38: Shot put 1-Ellis (BF), 2-Lenihan (BF), 3-Whall (BF), 34-91/2; Discus 1-Ellis (BF), 2-Lenihan (BF), 3-Parent (BF), 90-8; Long jump 1-Gonsalves (CC), 2-Akinyemi (BF), 3-Darmody (CC), 16-10; Javelin 1-Cataldo (BF), 2-Adams (CC), 3-Cleveland (BF), 104-4; Triple jump 1-Akinyemi (BF), 2-Ebzery (BF), 3-Darmody (CC), 32-7; High jump 1-Gonsalves (CC), 2-Sells (BF), 3-Ryan (BF), 5-0; Mile 1-Hanley (BF), 2-Murphy (BF), 3-Ventoro (CC), 5:18; :smiley: 400 hurdles 1-Gonsalves (CC), 2-Cataldo (BF), 3-Clark (CC), 1:11; 100 1-Perreault (BF), 2-Dodge (BF), 3-Akinyemi (BF), 13.1; 800 1-Arsenault (BF), 2-Powell (BF), 3-Adams (CC), 2:24; 400 1-Darmody (CC), 2-Silveiro (BF), 3-Luongo (BF), 1:03; 100 hurdles 1-Sells (BF), 2-Ebzery (BF), 3-Clark (CC), 17.9; 200 1-Martin (BF), 2-Smith (CC), 3-Gonsalves (CC), 26.8; Two mile 1-Ventoro (CC), 2-Svendsen (BF), 3-Nametz (BF), 11:59; 4x100 relay 1-BF (Casey, Perreault, Akinyemi, Dodge), 52.0; 4x400 relay 1-BF (Hanley, Powell, Gendron, Martin), 4:23.

Attleboro 77, Durfee 50: High jump 1-Cutler (A), 2-Bianca (D), 3-Ferzoco (A), 4-11; Long jump 1-Ouellette (A), 2-Robitaille (A), 3-Cutler (A), 15-51/2; Javelin 1-Cabrera (D), 2-Dupont (D), 3-Hart (A), 102-1; Shot put 1-Lynch (D), 2-Silva (A), 3-Conway (A), 35-71/2; Discus 1-Cabrera (D), 2-Lynch (A), 3-Conway (A), 98-2; Triple jump 1-Fullerton (A), 2-Bonica (D), 3-Roberts (D), 28-11/2; 100 hurdles 1-Santos (D), 2-Moreau (A), 3-Rogers (A), 18.5; 100 1-Robitaille (A), 2-Burns (D), 3-Bonica (D), 13.0; Mile 1-Massoud (D), 2-Cutler (A), 3-Roy (A), 6:02; 4x100 relay 1-AHS (Jeffrey, Robitaille, Oliver, Ouellette), 52.9; 400 1-Gill (D), 2-Holden (A), 3-Erwin (A), 1:06; 400 hurdles 1-Ferzoco (A), 2-Santos (D), 3-Carrita (D), 1;15; 800 1-Cuddeback (A), 2-Massoud (D), 3-Lacourse (A), 2:34; 200 1-Ouellette ((A), 2-Dupont (D), 3-Oliver (A), 27.4; Two mile 1-Cuddeback (A), 2-Peck (A), 3-Gagnon (D), 13:53.

Oliver Ames 97, Foxboro 39: 400 hurdles 1-Lambert (OA), 2-Kyne (OA), 3-Nichols (OA), 1:15.1; 100 1-Murray (OA), 2-Neville (F), 3-Marcotte (F), 12.7; Mile 1-Ketchum (F), 2-Kimble (OA), 3-Serroy (OA), 5:43.1; 400 1-Grotz (OA), 2-Fitzgerald (OA), 3-Kurtz (OA), 59.9; 100 hurdles 1-Bridges (F), 2-O. Parsons (F), 3-Taylor (OA), 17.6; 800 1-S. Hickey (OA), 2-A. Hickey (OA), 3-Fletcher (F), 2:33.6; 200 1-Grotz (A), 2-Martyniak (F), 3-Fitzgerald (OA), 26.2; Two mile 1-Davidner (OA), 2-Gallagher (OA), 3-Kline (OA), 11:14 :smiley: ; Shot put 1-L. Daley (OA), 2-Dern (OA), 3-Horne (OA), 34-11; Discus 1-L. Daley (OA), 2-S. Daley (OA), 3-Bazille (OA), 99-6; Javelin 1-Dern (OA), 2-S. Daley (OA), 3-Martignetti (F), 103-7; Long jump 1-T. Parsons (F), 2-O. Parsons (F), 3-Kent (OA), 14-8; Triple jump 1-Nichols (OA), 2-Martyniak (F), 3-Kyne (OA), 31-3; High jump 1-Horne (OA), 2-Nichols (OA), 3-Dorr (F), 4-10; 4x100 1-Foxboro (Martignetti, Marcotte, Martyniak, Neville), 54.3; 4x400 1-Oliver Ames 4:26.4.
Attleboro 72, Durfee 64: Triple jump 1-Brown (D), 2-Bothelo (D), 3-Fitzgerald (D), 41-41/2; Shot put 1-Caouette (A), 2-Meier (A), 3-Frank (D), 51-3; Discus 1-Caouette (A), 2-Meier (A), 3-Rago (D), 141-5; High jump 1-Foto (D), 2-Quinnie (A), 3-Cutler (A), 5-11; Long jump 1-Sevier (D), 2-Bothelo (D), 3-Harris (A), 19-7; Javelin 1-Harris (A), 2-Carello (A), 3-Brown (D), 140-11/2; 110 hurdles 1-Quinnie (A), 2-Gillard (A), 3-Walsh (A), 17.2; 100 1-Caron (D), 2-Brown (D), 3-Vo (A), 11.7; Mile 1-Kelly (A), 2-Cabral (D), 3-Fullerton (A), 4:46; 400 1-Brown (D), 2-Jarousky (A), 3-Filipe (A), 54.3; 400 hurdles 1-Hall (D), 2-Gillard (A), 3-Fitzgerald (D), 1:02.9; 800 1-Murphy (A), 2-Cabral (D), 3-Deung (D), 2:06.5; 200 1-Sevier (D), 2-Bothelo (D), 3-Cao (A), 23.0; Two mile 1-Fullerton (A), 2-Arsenault (A), 3-Kelly (A), 11:09; 4x100 relay 1-Durfee, 46.8; 4x400 relay 1-Attleboro (Filipe, Pike, Cutler, Jarousky), 3:42.2.

Bishop Feehan 118, Coyle 18: 400 hurdles 1-Firth (BF), 2-Ward (BF), 3-Smith (CC), 1:01.3; Mile 1-Oโ€™Brien (BF), 2-Moschella (BF), 3-Marcotte (BF), 4:45.8; 100 1-Mitchell (BF), 2-Scaratone (CC), 3-Albert (BF), 11.7; 800 1-Looney (BF), 2-Clerx (BF), 3-Madden (CC), 2:00.7; 400 1-McShane (BF), 2-Taylor (BF), 3-Douglas (BF), 52.8; 110 hurdles 1-Yoder (BF), 2-Firth (BF), 3-Coulter (BF), 16.8; 200 1-Albert (BF), 2-Boland (BF), 3-Scaratone (CC), 24.0; Two mile 1-Mantia (CC), 2-Gill (BF), 3-Wood (BF), 10:24; 4x100 relay 1-Bishop Feehan (Taylor, Mitchell, Doherty, Boland), 45.2; 4x400 1-Bishop Feehan (Beagan, Clerx, Looney, Downey), 3:52.4; Shot put 1-McMackin (BF), 2-Gargano (BF), 3-Giles (BF), 44-2; Discus 1-McMackin (BF), 2-Giles (BF), 3-Gargano (BF), 115-11; Long jump 1-Yoder (BF), 2-Rodgers (CC), 3-Douglas (BF), 19-4; Javelin 1-Doherty (BF), 2-Caine (BF), 3-Lynch (BF), 157-5; Triple jump 1-Douglas (BF), 2-Firth (BF), 3-Rodgers (CC), 38-8; High jump 1-Yoder (BF), 2-Madden (CC), 3-Looney (BF), 6-2.

Oliver Ames 76, Foxboro 60: 400 hurdles 1-Myers (F), 2-Cabao-An (F), 3-Sullivan (OA), 58.7; 100 1-Ryder (OA), 2-Bronsdon (F), 3-Howard (OA), 10.4 :smiley: ; Mile 1-Gorham (OA), 2-Vilella (OA), 3-Lorenz (F), 4:42; 400 1-Williams (F), 2-Copley (OA), 3-Haddad (F), 52.1; 110 hurdles 1-Cardarelli (F), 2-Sullivan (OA), 3-McLaughlin (F), 16.3; 800 1-Myers (F), 2-Beck (OA), 3-Merola (OA), 2:01.6; 200 1-Bronsdon (F), 2-Williamson (OA), 3-Jones (OA), 22.8; Two mile 1-Beck (OA), 2-Sullivan (F), 3-Quinn (OA), 9:55; Shot put 1-Wright (OA), 2-Hamilton (OA), 3-Sherwood (F), 45-4; Discus 1-Guy (F), 2-Lally (F), 3-Sullivan (OA), 127-10; Javelin 1-Meyer (OA), 2-Myers (F), 3-Hedland (OA), 140-8; Long jump 1-Ryder (OA), 2-Bronsdon (F), 3-Williams (F), 21-81/2; :smiley: Triple jump 1-Ryder (OA), 2-Myers (F), 3-Tagen (OA), 40-61/4; High jump 1-Sullivan (OA), 2-Grossmith (F), 3-Ross (F), 6-0; 4x100 1-Oliver Ames, 46.0; 4x400 1-Oliver Ames, 3:42.


1 Brehm, William SR New Hampshire 10.70 0.7 1 /21.94 :smiley:
1 Ogilvie, Thompson SR Bowdoin 15:20.05
1 Reed, James FR Maine 14.57 3.1 1
1 Bartlett, Miles SR Maine 9:47.83
1 Guarente, Matthew FR New Hampshire 1.97m 6-05.50

1 Burgess, Shaniqua SO Maine 11.98 2.0 1 :smiley:
1 Tolton, Vicki PG Maine 55.03 1 /1:02.72
1 Letourneau, Allison JR New Hampshire 2:13.12 /4:41.80 :smiley:
1 Labreck, Jesse SO Maine 13.89 2. :o 0 1 /12.14
1 McGeoghan, Katherine SO Maine 1.62m 5-03.75
3 Frazier, Melanie FR New Hampshire 5.33m 5.1 17-06.00
1 Quarles, Camille JR New Hampshire 12.34m 4.8 40-06.00