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MARATHONER Mary Cain? WTF?? Late this afternoon in a press conference at the ritzy Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, a press conference was held by the BAA and primary sponsor John Hancock Financial that the young American middle distance prodigy, Mary Cain, would be added to the elite women’s field for this year’s Patriot’s Day 26.2 miler. Officials from the Boston Marathon along with former race winner and coach, Alberto Salazar, and a fit looking Mary Cain answered a bevy of media questions. Cain whose unbridled enthusiasm totally stole the show said “I run for two hours or more nearly every week and have done so now going on 3+ years. My indoor season was only so so and therefore we upped the total weekly mileage immediately after Nationals. I’ll treat it as a hard long endurance run but will still have an eye on the clock… 5:40 pace is not out of the question.” Salazar added that Cain’s fitness is such that she should recover well. How well? “Well enough to show up on the starting line in Eugene in June and again in Bejing late summer. This isn’t a career change by any means. It’s just a controlled experiment that should lend stamina and perspective.”
The Hancock guys were happy to mention as an ‘oh by the way’ that they have arranged the deepest women’s field ever in the event’s history, boasting TEN sub 2:23 performers headlined by past Beantown victors Sharon Cherop and Caroline Kilel…then there’s a bunch of Ethiopians named Kebede, Dibaba, Deba, & Daska (no, contrary to popular belief, that is NOT an Addis Ababa distaff law firm). Then there’s the Yankee corps of Shalane, Desiree and Amy Hastings!
Regardless, Cain wisely shyed away from reporters prodding her with visions of victory or race strategy but did toss them a bone as she meekly quipped “I am deeply deeply competitive you know.”

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April 1st is a fine say to announce this big step.





What’s the point of this? She’s a miler not a 10k runner. It offers substantial opportunity for injury and the recovery time delays her training for the summer track season.


Because some strange things tend to happen on le Poissin d’Avril.


Someone didn’t read the date :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, this was posted yesterday, not today, April 2nd.


…and once again we see finely honed critical thinking skills in action here on


1 Wilson, Ajee Juventus 4:22.62
2 Garry, Kira Yale 4:27.07
3 McDonnell, Shannon Yale 4:27.13

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