Mark Block


Easily the most interesting thing to come from the Brothers Johnson recently (i.e. actually worth reading, despite being irritatingly self-congratulatory).

So what’s going on?


Seems pretty clear to me. I doubt there will be any damning explanation given, though, so anyone suggesting that there might be shady business going on within Nike will just be denounced as a jealous, evidence-less “hater” until everyone moves on.


Not good. Pretty disturbing actually. He could just be a fan spending his own money traveling the world to see meets but that certainly doesn’t explain why Nike considers him a VIP.


To quote a current Nike running sports marketing weasel, “We can’t care [about drugs].”

This is the same company who figured the best way to deal with a guy who took drugs as an athlete and coached an athlete who tested positive was to name a building after him and give him his own team with an essentially unlimited budget.

It’s such a farce.