Marathon Sports Mansfield


Marathon Sports is proud to announce our 7th and newest location will be opening in Mansfield, MA in Mid-June! We are very excited and looking forward to seeing many of your there.

For more information on the location:


Check out some pictures of the store as it takes shape:
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Marathon Sports Mansfield
287 School St. SUITE A
Mansfield, MA


But will it be stocking Janji clothing?


I hope not…polyester and made in China. No thanks.


You have something against the concept of Run for Another ?


Great event tonight put on my Colin, Byron, Tim, and the gang at MArathon. New store is awesome- perfect location, tons of HS memorabilia. Marathon does it right every time!


Only thing missing was a live Exchange Zone preview of 2012 Cross Country…:smiley:


Thank you to all of the coaches who joined us at last nights event! Our staff had a great time and hope you did as well.



Josh mentions
New Balance Meet - Where? :cool: Who’s in it?:smiley:


My guess is Martinez Classic in Concord, MA. Not sure who else is in it, but it’s sponsored by New Balance. He said it was a New Balance meet. That’s my bet…if he does it.