Maine weather is so cool


In the last 7 days, the highs have bounced from the 80s, to 40s, to 60s, to 30s, back up to 70s, and to cap it off today it snowed for the first half of the day, accumulated to a few inches, then it switched to rain, washed away, and now the sun appears to be coming out.

Two years ago, on about the same date in April, actually, we had enough snow to cancel school, then it rained for two days straight, then it was over 80 degrees for two days.

Mother Nature is a bipolar ■■■■■.


I think you pretty accurately described Wisconsin weather, as well.


You’s just a little ■■■■■.


Hey now, let’s be reasonable.


In California the weather has been in the 70s the entire last week. I have enjoyed it a lot.