Maine Outdoor T&F 2010


I don’t think anyone else from Maine has migrated here yet, but I figured I’d post the thread since my first meet is tomorrow.


While most athletes have yet to compete, after the first week of competition the rankings look like this for boys, All handtimes are converted:

Lewiston High School ‘A’ 8:43.94
Erskine Academy ‘A’ 8:48.75
Brewer High School ‘A’ 9:10.31
Lawrence High School ‘A’ 9:13.34
Belfast High School ‘A’ 9:52.80

Steven Rice SR Brewer 15.59
Josh Stone JR Brewer 17.19
Tristan Wortman JR Brewer 17.58
Kyle Palmer JR Lewiston 17.70
Curtis Griffin SO Mount View 18.51

Jeff Ryder - 11.34c
Wilbur Fogg SR Belfast 11.73
Bryan Blackman - 11.74c
Seth London JR Mount View 11.88
Isaiah Spofford JR Waterville 11.89

1600m RW:
Sean MacDonnell SR Waterville 9:17.14
Cameron Neal SO MCI 9:49.65
Stephen Colby FR Belfast 9:55.67
Spencer Gray SO Erskine 10:07.02
Wyatt Roberts FR Belfast 10:47.74

Sam Seekins SR Erskine 4:36.17
Ryan James SR Belfast 4:43.11
Eben Hodgkins SO Erskine 4:45.24
Hussein Ibrahim JR Lewiston 4:48.42
Jeff Hale JR Waterville 4:50.61

400m Relay:
Brewer High School ‘A’ 45.82
Waterville HS ‘A’ 46.32
Belfast High School ‘A’ 46.90
Lewiston High School ‘A’ 47.92
Mount View ‘A’ 48.03

400m Dash:
Colby Patterson JR MCI 54.41
Kyle Rousseau SR Lewiston 55.01
Anthony Jackson SO Brewer 55.19
Christopher Low SR Lawrence 56.04
Will Quirion SR GAR 56.29

300m Hurdles:
Steven Rice SR Brewer 43.01
Alex Rowe JR Waterville 43.24
Kyle Palmer JR Lewiston 43.52
Max Brown SO Waterville 44.01
Anthony Bellavia SO Waterville 44.63

Faisal Abdillahi SR Lewiston 2:05.27
Ali Hersi JR Lewiston 2:06.01
Jackson Fortin SR Erskine 2:06.02
Eben Hodgkins SO Erskine 2:08.74
Trey Williams SO Brewer 2:14.80

Jamie Williamson SR Brewer 23.76
Isaiah Spofford JR Waterville 24.00
Brian Blackman 24.84c
Pete Cote SR Waterville 24.98
Colby Patterson JR MCI 25.21

Sam Seekins SR Erskine 9:53.54
Jaron Jones JR Lewiston 10:15.89
Hussein Ibrahim JR Lewiston 10:19.05
Jeff Hale JR Waterville 10:29.66
Faisal Abdillahi SR Lewiston 10:48.85

1600m Relay:
Brewer High School ‘A’ 3:44.26
Erskine Academy ‘A’ 3:49.00
Lewiston High School ‘A’ 3:49.24
Waterville HS ‘A’ 3:52.24
Lawrence High School ‘A’ 3:55.24

Colby Blanchard JR Mount View 5-08.00
Mason Travers FR Lawrence 5-08.00
Max Brown SO Waterville 5-06.00
Zac Blomerth FR Lawrence 5-06.00
Derrick Roy SR Lewiston 5-06.00
Josh Stone JR Brewer 5-06.00

Derrick Roy SR Lewiston 18-11.50
Isaiah Spofford JR Waterville 18-07.50
Josh Stone JR Brewer 18-01.00
Nate LaPointe JR GAR 18-01.00
Matt Duka 17-10.50

Alex Rowe JR Waterville 39-06.50
Cameron Fillion SR Lewiston 39-00.50
Tristan Wortman JR Brewer 38-04.50
Jake Dumas SO Lewiston 36-01.00
Forrest Benttinen SR MCI 34-11.00

Nick Danner FR Waterville 142-02
Patrick Hapworth SR MCI 140-07
Robert Sager - 128-06
Tanner Adams JR Lewiston 127-04
Aaron Taylor JR Erskine 126-07

Nick Margitza SO Waterville 124-00
Dylan Webster JR Belfast 121-07
Kyle Duelley JR Waterville 110-08
Aaron Taylor JR Erskine 108-09
John Peters SO Lewiston 108-00

Jake Huerfano JR Waterville 41-05.00
Dylan Webster JR Belfast 41-04.00
Nathanial Sigouin JR Mount View 41-00.00
Eddie Chan SR Lewiston 40-06.00
Adam Heroux JR Belfast 40-01.00
Rudy Pandora SO Lewiston 40-01.00

Tristan Wortman JR Brewer 11-00.00
James D’Amico SR Brewer 11-00.00
Thomas Ferguson SO Erskine 10-00.00
Derrick Roy SR Lewiston 10-00.00