Lukas V in BAA Mile


Hitting right back after the Shamrock Shuffle


road or track race? Pardon my ignorance.


so, if he wins money, he obviously can’t accept it right? or else he won’t be allowed to compete in the NCAA next year? just trying to clarify because although i don’t think he will win, there’s always that chance


I can guarantee you that he won money at Shamrock, but your right, he is not allowed to accept it. Now, I can also tell you that I knew many runners that took the money and got away with it due to the fact that the NCAA does not scour the track & XC recruits/athletes backgrounds like they do basketball or football. That being said, Luke is a little more high profile (to say the least) so my guess is that the minute he sets foot on campus, the schools that he did not choose will blow the whistle if they have any knowledge of him receiving money.

Back on topic, I’m looking forward to what he will run.


He can accept money up to the entry fee and travel cost, I think. Not a compliance officer so I don’t know 100%


I think the travel costs only apply to NFHS sanctioned meets, not road races, professional track meets, etc.


NO MONEY!!! You can receive no benefits for winning.

If the meet director wants to bring him into a meet and the meet wants to pay for his travel and entry they have to do it for EVERYONE.

He can not get anything for winning, if he gets his entry fee back, everyone else better be getting theres back too.

The only thing he can accept is prizes like T-Shirts and gear. But no athlete going to college can get any money in response to them being a good athlete.




I don’t know why this mile is his focus right now. He could get into the mile at Drake or into the 5K at Penn or Drake. Given his 8K shape shown last week, he would probably get a big PR in the 5K at this point. The BAA mile was won in 4:09 high and 4:11 in its first two races. It is a 3 lap to the mile street race with tight turns and plenty of opportunities to trip or fall.


Because he is having fun and it is interesting. He can’t participate in Illinois HS events so he can do whatever pleases him.

I get your point though and we will probably see him at some of the big spring relay events. I’ll be at Drake, I hope he is there.

I am sure there is a lot of meet directors making contact with him.


drake and penn are both in 2 weeks, he can still hop in either of those events should he choose.


Nevermind. I thought they were next week. I would have felt pretty stupid when I showed up to an empty Franklin Field next Friday


i dont know the exact dates for penn, but drake is in 2 weeks and they are typically the same weekend.


What about his 8k indicates the strength to drop a performance better than 14:06i? I don’t know much about the Shamrock course but unless it is incredibly difficult, the 8k performance is not as impressive as his 5k, and if that’s the case, it doesn’t prove he’s super strong but rather improves that his strength currently goes downhill after the 5k.


Finishing 17 seconds behind Simon Bairu is what indicates to me he is ready. I am almost certain that he can drop a 13:50 or better right now.


you should never compare how far apart 2 athletes times are if you don’t even know how hard one of the two was pushing… bairu may have just chilled on lucas until a mile to go then crushed him by 17 seconds in that mile, or maybe he pushed through 5k then just cruised in, giving lucas time to catch him, or maybe it was just a hard training effort, we don’t know, so don’t talk about how close he was to bairu, its unnecessary


Or maybe he went hard the whole time


Dates are Thursday 04/28 - Saturday 04/30. Entries are closed and no exceptions are ever made for ANYONE or ANY TEAM. Never have and never will.


figured penn is the same weekend as drake, it has been for about 100 years now. Is lukas entered though? I dont know if the entries have been announced (although i do believe you may have inside info). It would surprise me to see lukas head out east 2x in 3 weeks when arguably the invite mile field at drake is superior (not arguing the meet as a whole, just that particular event).


Arguing in absolutes always wins.