Lucky Lutz, Lukas Leaves a Loser


I am not happy about Lukas gettin 62nd… I am less happy with his lose to Lutz (considering he has a perfect HS record against him) but Lukas will be back


cry more


he’s a freshman. get over it


I wonder why he didn’t redshirt. Would have made some sense. Probably didn’t get the necessary type of base required for CC over the summer while prepping for Beijing.

Losing to Lutz is nothing to hang your head about and getting 62nd is not terrible in that meet. While it is well below his expectations and most fans expectations, I am sure he will bounce back.

And, like SF XC said, he is a young, raw talent. Still would not surprise me if he was AA this year.


It was his first college XC race, ever! Not only did Lutz beat him, but so did Shayne Collins (Mansfield, MA), who is a frosh at UCLA. Lukas also beat both Joe and Jim Rosa. It was their first college race as well. They don’t have anything to be ashamed of, and you (n00b0saur) really don’t have anything to be mad about.


Stanford Invite, look it up.


If you watch the race video Lutz and Verzbicas ran completely different races. Lutz was much more conservative at the start and came on strong at the end. Verzbicas on the other hand tried to live up to the hype and show the world that he was ready to hang with the big dogs when in fact it seems like he is not quite at that level yet. It was inexperience that sank Verzbicas, give him a few more races to get comfortable with sitting in a pack and I am sure he can take down Lutz no problem. Chill out bro:rolleyes:


Lutz is a national XC champion and outkicked Gedyon and Rosa to win it. I don’t think Lukas will “take him down no problem.” Additionally, Lutz didn’t have much of a senior track season because he wanted to start base training early for XC, so that is why he was no where to be found last spring.


WAIT HUH?!?! LV won EVER MEANING national race he ran in?!?!?! when has Lutz ever been so lucky to beat Lukas head to head?


There’s been quite an infusion of trolls lately.


A few points

  1. Lukas has not won every national race he has been in. He was badly beaten at the NON 2 mile race in 2010 by 3 or 4 people.

  2. Although luck had nothing to do with it, Lutz beat Lukas at wisconsin.

Have a nice day.


This is from the official press release about the Wisconsin Invite on the Stanford XC website:

“…Freshmen twins Joe Rosa and Jim Rosa completed the Stanford team in their first collegiate race wearing a Stanford jersey. Joe was 113th in 24:54, while Jim was 192nd in 25:30. The brothers showed a bit of inexperience, but will have much better results to come.”


first collegiate race in a stanford jersey, although i have not looked up the results, im guessing based on joe’s comment that they ran unattached at stanford. Thus they have raced the 8k distance before and this was not their first crack at it.


Yes, they ran unattached at the Stanford meet. It’s quite different when you’re wearing a jersey and you actually count for your team.


I have a feeling Verzbicas will do better when it counts. Oregon often seems to roll in the late season.


So… Do you run faster unattached or for your team?


Sooo…who still thinks that Lukas Verzbicas is still going to get top 10 at NCAAs.


Pretty sure nobody ever thought he would get top 10. Is he a talented freshman? Yes. Is he top 10? No. I’m not even sure if he’ll make AA.


I have a feeling he’s going to sneak in there. We’ll see what he does at pac 10’s and regionals.


If you go further back in the D1 College Thread you will see that tons of people were arguing that he would get top 10.