Does anyone else watch this show? I’ve been a fan of Louie C.K. for years and this show is what’s right with society. Every episode is better than the last.


Great great great show.


Louis C.K. is comic genius. Anyone watch Lucky Louie on HBO back in the day?


I’ve watched a few episodes, liked it a lot. I always forget it’s on though.


You can watch it on icefilms.info they have all 8 episodes.

I’m not sure how I felt about the 8th episode, it was just 1 story for the whole episode instead of two shorter ones. It was still hilarious but I kind of liked the two short story format. I wonder if they’re going to keep it like that.

And I’ll check out Lucky Louie.


It’s a pretty awesome show. Definitely a big departure from Lucky Louie, but I guess that’s because he got divorced and became really bitter since then. I think I still prefer his standup.


i’ve only seen a few episodes but i love the one that ends with him kissing a cop on the lips.

and the opening credits is genius


I think the part where he tears into that heckler while he’s doing standup is my favorite part of the season. I also really like the episode where his mom comes out of the closet and won’t tell his brother she loves him. It’s sad but so funny.


New episode (episode 9, “Bully”) is incredibly awkward all the way through. Probably better to watch with a group of people than alone.


seen him on hbo a few times, hes pretty funny


My overall sentiments.

I sometimes wonder how funny they intend for things to be. Like the producers. It seems like its awkward humor and when you take a step back and realize what is happening it’s pretty funny, but the action itself isnt.


Thread needs to be bumped. Season starts tonight. It looks awesome. He’s been hyping it a ton.


one of the best shows out there