Lolo Jones and Tianna Madison make USA Bobsled team




Ugh. This is going to ruin the Winter Olympics too!


It’s not super surprising, there is a long history of sprinters turn bobsled pushers. And not just from Jamaica with the guidance of John Candy.


I’m not surprised at Lolo but Madison sort of surprises me. She improved her 100m in leaps and bounds this year rather out of nowhere. She got 3rd indoors over 60m and 4th in the Olympics running a superb 10.85. So you want to bobsled after that?? Her coach must have pulled his hair out on that decision. Is there more money to be made in bobsledding?

Amazing to think that Madison won gold at the Worlds in the long jump back in 2005!


What’s the injury rate in bobsledding?


I’m not sure my heart is strong enough to last thru a Carol Zilli-Lolo Jones interview:rolleyes:


Lolo’s most recent, idiotic FB update:

Lolo Jones
42 minutes ago via mobile
Woke up mid flight, my head was down & was slobbering on myself. No shame. Similar position in bobsled but snot is also running down my nose.