Living in Ann Arbor, MI


Not to crowd the Playground with these annoying threads, but I now have another Derm elective for the month of October (well, last week of September into the third week of October) at the University of Michigan.

Anyone have any housing suggestions?


I don’t know if southjeffdistance_91 still posts but you can PM him, I believe he attends Michigan.


him and dye prob know best


My younger brother has a house for sale in Ann Arbor. He moved last Summer to San Diego and his renter just moved out last month.


What are the exact dates that you will be in Ann Arbor?
My daughter will be an M2 this coming year and she said that there
might possibly be an opening in the Med Frat house that she lives in,
which is a two block walk from the Med School/Med Center.

Please let me know and then I will inform her and she said that
she would start checking around for you.


Thanks bill, I appreciate it. The exact dates of my rotation are 9/26/11-10/23/11. So ideally I’d be settling into wherever I end up staying during the weekend of September 24th/25th, and then probably leaving on October 23rd or 24th to head back to Maryland.


What’s a derm elective? I assume dermatology? I wish I could help but I don’t know how living somewhere for a short amount of time works. I live right next to the athletic campus off of State Street (the main street in Ann Arbor, live off of that street and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be near classes). Plus the bus system is fantastic in AA. I bet you could look on Craigslist and sublet with somebody for a month. I’d ask my housemates but we already have 5 people in our house so it’s a little crowded and you’d have to crash on a couch or a sleeping bag in the basement. Unless you’re ok with that lol


Yup. I’m starting my 4th year of med school (next week actually), and I’m doing two away rotations in clinical dermatology (one at Cornell, one at Michigan).


ATTN: Bison Hurdler,

Please either PM me or send me an e-mail via:

My daughter has two possible places for you to stay during your
rotation, both of which are within walking distance of the MedSchool/-